Promotions all around...gangsters, terrorists, and criminals join the Gov

  • This article came out in 2006 in The Daily Times....the violence in our city is all the more sickening because our politicians are treating these gangsters like elected representatives....guess its not that much of a stretch when the elected representative is Nabeel Gabol.

    Mafia takeover

    By Faraz Khan

    KARACHI: Lyari’s most prominent gangster Rehman Dakait and his group are involved in talks with the government to surrender in exchange for becoming public servants, Daily Times has learned.

    “These all are my efforts. I talked with the gangsters and have given them a package,” confirmed PPP MNA Nabeel Gabol while talking to Daily Times. “The talks are continuing.” All cases will be checked because in the past the police nominated them in a majority of fake cases. However, the other minor cases will also be sorted out and they will be cleared. “I also warned them that Lyari should be cleared of even a single bullet, when they will be released. We will also give them better employment.”

    Sources said that Dakait could even be a minister in the future. The gangsters who have reportedly agreed to surrender include members of sub-groups such as Baba Ladla, Abdul Jabbar Jhengu and Jabbar Lungra.

    This much was also confirmed by the home minister. “We have some unofficial reports on the surrender of Lyari’s gangsters groups,” said Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza while talking to Daily Times Monday. “We came here to resolve issues and not exacerbate them. If these gangsters want to surrender and be public servants it would be good.” He said that their cases would be studied and they would be dealt with a “facilitated as much as possible according to the law”. The government is more interested in why they chose a life of crime. “Because we do not believe in killing we will do everything possible for the betterment of society,” he said.

    There are potential motives behind these meetings. The first is to maintain law and order in Lyari and end the gang war. And the second is that the people of Lyari, especially the Rehman Dakait group, have been against Nabeel Gabol because he did not according to them take much interest in them since he was elected in the 2002 elections. Thus, several PPP workers and supporters and even Rehman Dakait group members were joining the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). This needed to be stopped.

    People sent e-mails and letters to the late PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto when she announced her return to Karachi, demanding the removal of Gabol. Following this, Gabol met with Dakait and assured of his full support. The settlement of cases has also been under discussion.

    Dakait mostly led the PPP rallies before and after the elections. Not only in Lyari, but across the city, members of his group participated in and led the rallies that Dakait could not join. Recently, Dakait, along with Gabol, met in Islamabad with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, where Zardari and Gabol assured Rehman his cases would be settled. Earlier, Gabol himself went to Dubai to meet Zardari to discuss Dakait’s issues.

    There were also reports that Gabol met Haji Lalu, the father of Arshad Pappu, in jail. Lalu is the man who started the first drug business and Dakait had worked under Lalu. Nowadays, Lalu and his three sons are in jail. And the Arshad Pappu group members, Ghaffar Zikri and Dr Shoaib, have also agreed to surrender.

    There were also reports that Gabol is not taking interest in the Arshad Pappu group because it has almost been eliminated, mostly owing to the unavailability of leadership. That’s why Pappu’s group is depending on Ghaffar Zikri and Dr Shoaib, the chiefs of Pappu’s sub-groups.

    Pappu’s hold has been limited to Zikri Mohalla and Para, while Rehman’s group has taken control of nearly 99 percent of the areas in Lyari. Sources said that their arrests may soon be shown in a fake encounter, after Rehman’s meeting with high officials of Sindh police. Rehman has also demanded not be killed in the encounter.

    Home Minister Zulfikar Mirza said recently in a press conference on Lyari, “It is not necessary to kill people to stop the violence. Unemployment is a major cause and we will provide jobs.”

    Nowadays, Dakait is taking interest in eliminating street crimes by putting up banners saying, ‘Lyari ki awam Sardar Abdul Rehman bhai ko shukarguzar hain kay unhon nay Lyari main aman barqarar rakhnay kay liye apna bharpur kirdaar ada kia’ (We, the people of Lyari, thank Sardar [Lord] Abdul Rehman who has played a full role in maintaining peace in the town).

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