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  • I found this person very honest and right and wanted to share with everyone!

    sefasne said:

    I posted the following comments in “AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL JOURNALISTS”. I hope the readers might find it interesting or relevant.

    Folks in our Pakistan we appreciate the person who is the loudest in demeanor, shrillest in speech, most bogus in writings, dirtiest in antics and language, filthiest in character BUT proudest of all that. The rule of thumb is “CHOR UCHHAKKA CHAYDHRY TE LUNDI RUNN PERDHAN”. I still vividly remember the day in 1972, it was after the creation of Bangladesh and beginning of late Mr. Z. A. Bhutto’s regime. I was a “UMAR QAID” qaidi in district jail Gujrat when Mr. Bhutto was to deliver his first major speech at Nishtar Park, Karachi. All the prisoners including me were gathered around the Jail radio to listen to the speech with a hope that the new “MARTIAL LAW ADMINISTRATOR” will grant some remission in prison sentences. It was also planned that he would recognize Bangladesh as a sovereign nation in that speech but some members of the public created such a hoopla that the “FAKHR-E-ASIA” could not continue his speech. When the audience in Nishtar Park would not budge and not get quiet the “GREAT QUAID-E-AWAM” utter those historical words “O BHEN CH–O BETH JAO BETH JAO”. When those words were heard on that radio in Gujrat Jail, all the prisoners went ballistic with emotion and burst into “QUAID-E-AWAM ZINDABAD” and “FAKHR-E-ASIA ZINDABAD”. Every single qaidi was saying “HEY NA JANAY DA PUTTER”. My friends, that is our psyche. Look at the creed of our leaders, journalists, ulema-e-karam and even our relatives. We value those who are more corrupt and give them more respect. Same goes for our journalists.This whole society has become decadent. SUB KE MOUNH KALE HEIN. PAKISTAN EK BEHTI NADDIA HE AUR ISS MEIN SUB HATH DHO RAHE HEIN.

    Only the people like me who either don’t have courage or have no sources to rob this country sit on the sideline and complain. Well God Bless You All.


    Mr. Zafar Ali Shah’s stand was absolutely absurd and nonsensicle. None of the guests answered the pivotal question put forward by JC that who is the main “MUJRAM” guilty party, the MNA or the proxy taking exam on his behalf. They are all pathetic.