[sticky] [OPEN] Why are you people against MQM and Altaf

  • why you all turn bling eye on wadaira, sardars, investor mafia???? only thing comes in ur dreams is altaf and MQM, why why why

  • thank god someone has asked the same question i have been trying to ask again and again and again and again.

    karachi aur MQM ke ilaawa in andhon ko kuch nazar nahin aayega.

    the amount of sheer racism these MQM haters have is unbelievable.

    Pakistan will not move ahead like this if their double standards dont stop.

  • Quaid Khush Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    @Quaidkamazaar tunay apun ka mazaar bhi banadala circuit

  • Listen to the Speach of an MNA Sheikh Waqas on the floor of national assembly, this is the truth that wat MQM did on 12 May under dear Musharaf. MQM is a terrorist organization in totality

  • Admin

    Your question is wrong, the question should be Why one should not write against Altaf Hussain.

    Karachi is our industrial hub, not only economically its very important but also its called mini pakistan means peole from all over pakistan are living there. So if something which smells like ethinic violance starts from karachi then it could always having a chance to travel in other areas. There are many other points which emphasize the importance of karachi

    So if this city and its citizen are made hostages then it strikes pakistan in lot of ways not only economically. Every body in karachi knows that MQM is not only having political influence but they have a parallel terror network which collects BHATTA and which terrorize and jeopardize the whole city on times when required. examples are 12th may, 27th dec, burning of lawyers and now the latest killing of pukhtoons.

    They say they are not involved in 12th may but when the petition is heared in the highcourt then MQM terrorists attacks the highcourt WHY WHY?

    They say that they are against wadeeras, CHs etc but the fact is that they are always helping them. PPP in sindh, all the MPAs are wadeeras but MQM is supporting them WHY WHY

    I have no doubt that they have political support in karachi because of many factors which i could write but also i know very well that along with the political support its their terror network which is helping them winning elections, organizing big rallies etc

  • misalligned,

    you really need to see both sides of 12th May.

    MQM has claimed for judicial inquiry on it already.

  • Terrorist Gang MQM and its telephonic wadaira in chief Altaf is doing more damage to Pakistan and its economy then all wadairas,sardars combined.. This Mafia is holding Karachi the financial hub of Pakistan as hostage on Gun point. When the Karachi Police Chief and Inspector General Sindh Police point out the obvious that this violence was ethnic in nature and majority of dead and injured were Pathans and most of the vehicles and shops and business that were burnt into ashes were also Pathan owned and there is a urgent need for deweaponization of Karachi then London based absconding Telephonic Pir and his terrorist brigade start feeling the heat and demand that Police Chief CCPO Karachi and IG Sindh should be removed,as they are planning to launch a 92 type operation against MQMized terrorists.

    p.s. Why do u need a fake/impersonating nick like Admin REAL One to justify/defend MQMized terrorist and Absconding British Quaid-e-terrorism Altaf ?

  • This is my earnest request to all those who are expressing their views to be polite and descent while crticizing any person or party. Hate mongring will serve no purpose, it will simply strengthened the hands of enemies. One can be as critical as possible but don't degrade yourself by using indescent or absusive words.

    Allah is with Pakistan. No body / country can harm Pakistan.

  • thats right Abunoman,

    surprisingly it is the AntiMQM gang that uses abusive indecent language!!!

    not the other way. it proves something.

  • all blind MQM haters,

    you say MQM takes votes by force,

    one question for you,

    gulshan-e-iqbal is the center and heart of Karachi, anyone from Karachi would know that, Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM, lost for 3 years overthere!!!!

    if it was force, he would not have lost for 3 years.

    just Think,,,, thats all im asking... not asking you to become MQMrs,,, just think for gods sake use your brain

  • we hate altaf and mqm because,he has been looting the city of karachi since many years,he and his gang is responsible for 12th may.he is the murderer of hakim saeed ,dr murtaza,and many others,mqm is responsible for fires that are a routine in factories of karachi,he has insulted pakistan by calling the creation of pakistan the biggest nmistake in the history of mankind,he burned the flag of pakistan,and and ...other countless reasons...so do you still wanna know why we hate mqm and altaf ?

  • @ quaidkamizar

    he burned the flag of pakistan at "quiad's mizar".what will you say ,d you admire that aswell.

  • MQM isn't any Pakistan and we all should know that. Altaf Hussain and MQM are Pakistanis and deserve reespect as any other political party in Pakistan.

  • MQM isn't anti Pakistan and we all should know that. Altaf Hussain and MQM are Pakistanis and deserve reespect as any other political party in Pakistan.

  • Khatre Mein Islam Nahin

    Khatra hai zar daron ko

    Girti hui diwaron ko

    Sadiyon ke bimaron ko

    Khatre mein Islam nahin

    Sari zamin ko ghere hue hain aakhir chand gharane kyon

    Naam nabi ka lene wale ulfat se begane kyon

    Khatra hai khun khwaron ko

    Rang birangi karon ko

    Amrika ke pyaron ko

    Khatre mein Islam nahin

    Aaj hamare naaron se larza hai bapa aiwanon mein

    Bik na sakenge hasrat-o arman unchi saji dukanon mein

    Khatra hai bat maron ko

    Maghrib ke bazaron ko

    Choron ko makkaron ko

    Khatre mein Islam nahin

    Amn ka parcham le kar utho har insane se piyar karo

    Aprna to manshoor hai Jalib, sare jahan se pyar karo

    Khatra hai darbaron ko

    Shahon ke ghamkhwaron ko

    Nawabon, ghaddaron ko

    Khatre mein Islam nahin

  • @Ijay mate come with something new ;-)

    Kuch rahay na rahay

    Rahay sirf Altaf, Altaf

  • na zardari na madari

    sirf altaf bihari

  • saqibali,

    I need proof of that flag burning RIGHT NOW!!!

    Please! you are a LIAR and big propagandist!

    get a lifE!!!

    aakhir such bardaasht kyun nahin hota tum se?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Guys to be honest what ever you are upto its bullshit .. i mean the nations is going through a great crisis that is quite critical , we should unite .. just respect the fact what Altaf Hussain is saying in his every press release or gathering that Unite , forget all that happened .. Move On . We need to save Pakistan .. What will you guys get by just bringing a smile by insulting another leader .. Useless