The Great Game

  • Karachi clashes poroves that the great game is now in full swings. India again with USA repeating 1971.PPP is again being used. The other political parties including establishement are fully awair and willfully avoiding to give shoulder to PPP while 80% provinces are under their exclusive control. The most Ethnic Parties MQM/ANP/BNP with the exclusive support of India,Israil and USA are the great players of the great game. But IN SPORT'S GROUND COURT ROOM/ IN WAR FIELD, ANY THING CAN HAPPEN ANY TIME. IT IS NOT 1971 AND NOT BALAUCHISTAN AND KARACHI ARE EAST PAKISTAN. WE HAVE A FULLY EQUIPED ARMY AND ADJESENT BOUNDARIES, SUPPORT OF 13,0000000 PEOPLE OF PUNJAB/SINDH BEHIND. IN THIS TIME,IF INDIA COMES, THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN WILL NOT ALLOW TO RETURN. PUNJAB ALWAYS TURNS ROUND THE HISTORY.