Pakistan in Dangerous

  • Salam to all viewers today the most important how save Pakistan from International pressure or propaganda.

    Pakistan jis palace mai waqai hain yeh ek important factor or yeh woh wahid mulq hainb jis sai app pory asia or middleeast ko control kr sakty ho or atomii power bhi hai jo kisi ko bardasht nahi specially Israil ko bcoz porii muslim umma ka whid atomii mulak or leader hony ka izaz hasil hai liken usko counter kasy karna yeh main thing hain inshallah agly topic nmai usko dicsucc kry gy


  • We have been taught that Pakistan is situated in the most critical ,strategic and important place which is just a "khaam Khayali "

    Pakistan is just a agriculture and small area of the port and not much export and contribution of resources for the world .arab is full of oil ,and the Europe,US ,China ,India,japan ,Malesia are contributing in agriculture ,oil ,industries ,technology etc .

    Pakistan become in the new after afghan was and not for terrorism and extremism .

    Somalia is a small country with no resources but always in the news where sweden is a rich but peaceful country and you do not find sweden in news and media .

    There is no Sazish or any hand this is what we are ,illiterate,dis organized , worrier ,and try to coverup using Islam