MQM stand on Dr. Afia Siddiqi and Blasphemous Sketches

  • I just want to know from our brothers belonging to MQM that what is their point of view on Dr. Afia Siddiq's case and about the blasphemous cartoonist. I am sorry that i have never read a single word about these cases from any leader of MQM.

  • Surprised to see that no one has responded yet. Where are you quaidkamazar?

  • first of all dr afia siddiqui chose her own destiny.. she was captured from afghanistan... aik pakistani citizen hokurr aap ka aghanistan mein kiya kaamm..aap jub pakistani citizen hokur afghanistan ja kur "nam nihad jihad"" kurney waley elements kki madad kurein gey jo wahan nato forces sey lur rahe hein.. so what you expect from pakistani govt.. jihad kartey waqt afghanistan jatey waqt yeh yad nahin aya.. key aap pakistani shehri hein .. ab jub usa ki jail mein pari hein to pakistan yad ata hey.... wow...

    rewgarding gustakhana cartoons... mqm has taken a stand too. even mqm joined mma in its rally in karachi to condemn it... soo mqm also condemned it like everyone else in pak

  • karachilover..i think you are forgetting... Dr. Afia was kept in Afghanistan but she was kidnapped from Karachi along with her two children.. one kid is recovered and the other is still missing.

    Secondly even if we admit for a moment what you said that why she went for Jihad ..does it mean that a muslim women may be raped and severely tortured by US forces for years?

    Thirdly, I shall appreciate if you could paste a reference or link here by which we can see MQM stand on blasphemous cartoonist and also some statement by Mufti Altaf Sahib or Farooq Sattar, Babar Ghauri, Haider Abbas, etc. ???

  • sorry one thing more .. Karachi lover you said "paki govt say aap kia expect karein gey" i did not ask for Paki govt opinion but MQM opinion as they claim to be a public party...

  • here i am,

    and it is not clear Dr. Afia is sinless anywayss but the treatment she got from Americans is pure EVIL

    if MQM did not make statement, they probably felt they could not make a difference on this.

    it is top beauracracy diplomatic matter not MQM.

  • how innocent baby MQM is ?

    it is the part of every Govt and can make every Govt bend on its knees for MQM s personal interests but as a strong party it never tried ever ,to use its power for a national cause not even voiced for it not even a formality type of statement?

    anyways .

    as long as reality is concerned.

    Afia Siddiqui is the part of missing persons story.

    missing persons case is the cause of CJ IFtikhar removal.

    and at that point MQM was the part of Govt(as usual)with Mush they have to hate the CJ..hate the missing person issue.....

    thats why they never issued any statement about Afia Siddiqui.

    as long as blasphemous sketches are concerned .

    MQM has got nothing to do with any issue which projects them as a religious party ..KHUDA NAKAHSTA.

    they are anti jaiamt e islami and anti Sunni Tehreek.

    they believe in drink n dance liberal parties .

    all stage dancers of Karachi love MQM .

    so that's why they put themselves away from issuing a statement about blasphemous sketches .

    yah if Altaf was humiliated by sketches then they would create a fuss about it.

  • well said beenai..

  • If Altaf can comment and condemn Talibaan, If he can Condemn Alim on line for his views on Qadyanis, If he can protest on every single death of MQM worker, I wonder how can he not protest on those Cartoons?

    Choroo yaar Qaidkamazar... U should not defend things which are wrong!

    And its on record that Dr Aafia was arrested from pakistan and was kept on american base in afghanistan!

  • MQM's telephonic pir Altaf bai also seem to adore and admire controversial writer Salman Rushdie who mocked Prophet Muhammed and Hazrat Ayesha in his satiric book