Dual Standrads and hypocracy in Middle Eastern Arab Countries

  • Dear Fellow Citizens,

    I have lived in middle east during my childhood and now when I am grown and compare the living standards, the rights and obligations of the expats and the locals. I feel sorry to say that most of the rules in the countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UAE and Saudi are only for the outsiders. These countries have dual standards and treat their own citizens differently as compare to expats working there.

    All these countries are muslim countries but no role model or leadership.

    How they treat the workers, maids and other people from Asia who works there is awful and shameful.

    No human rights!

    No Social Justice!

    No Protection of their wages, work environment and safety.

    Think about their role and provide your inputs and advise for what changes you want these countries should adopt.



  • Well, sorry to burst your bubble of retaliation but all countries treat their own citizens differently. Whether its the United States which is now giving priority to its own citizens by slowing down the issuance of H1-B visas so their own population gets most of the jobs. Whether its the UK which is now cutting down on telecomm-outsourcing even if it costs them more to hire Brit professional or whether its the GCC which is now imposing ban on firing their own local population.

    Even Pakistan treats its citizens differently. The sad thing is, it treats its citizens with lower respect than foreigners. Go to Lahore airport. The first queue at the immigration is for "foreign passport holders" :) Then comes "Paki" passport holders.

  • Well thatz expats own choice whether they want to live with honor and pride or they only consider for money....so no Middle Eastern country stopping expats to leave their country if they don't like it. I know many who dump these ME countries who don't like their way of treatment.Our Pakis leaving there for years and but complaining all the time and still leaving. Its very simple leave it or love it......