Who killed Benazir?

  • Who really was the killer of Benazir? I am not sure if this pole has been conducted before. Was it:

    1. Sharif Brothers: So they could end the Bhutto Dynasty once and for all?

    2. Altaf Hussein: Bhutto was first attacked in Karachi where the assasination attempt was unsuccessful.

    3. Musharraf: Benazir was the most serious threat to his throne.

    4. Asif Zardari: Benazir always kept a close eye on Zardari's corruption spree. He wanted absolute power and control without anyone watchdogging him.

    5. The talibans/ extremists: Well these talibans/ extremists dont really need a reason to kill/hurt anyone. Why not Benazir?

  • Well i think the people, who did not want Benazir to come in power, killed her because they knew that if she becomes PM, then she may open case of nuclear proliferation and an open trial of Dr. Khan. This could lead to unveil many hidden "honorable" people of our country.

  • Hameed Gul using his army through baitullah Mehsoud

  • that tape was a rubbish idea to blame mehsood for benazir murder... Telenor pakistan tells your exact location but our agencies are unable to detect where are the people sitting and calling to each other using mobile phones.. isn't that pathetic?

  • Asif Zardari, Rehman Malik, Zulfiqar Mirza + Good ol US of A

  • hameed gul and his supported talebans killed benazir

  • i disagree with that karachilover... that was merely a darama which Birg (R) Javed was presenting in front of media by playing audios of Mehsoos people ... In fact it was a high level conspiracy and many honorable are involved... One thins is sure that this will remain a mystery as Mr. Asif Ali also does not want this to be disclosed... Not even a single solid effort has been made so far ..No FIR and pursuance by PPP while they are in power now ... Damn on these politicians...

  • WE ALL !!!

  • 1. Mohtarma exactly named three persons in her letter to Dictator Musharaf.

    2. She wrote an email to her friends which was only to be disclosed if she was assassinated. And unfortunately that happent and what we found in that email..."Musharaf threatening BB of consequences if she tried to go against him".

    3. On 18th Oct when she is welcomed by million of Pakistanis in Karachi, two bomb blasts occur causing deaths of over 150 people.

    4. Immediately after that blasts within hours the scene of crime is washed with heavy nozzles of Fire birgade.

    5. No FIR is allowed to be launched from the victim's side.

    6. Mohtarma does press conference next day and name three persons. IB Chief Brig. Shah, Pervaiz Illahi, and CM Arbab Rahim. But thn government do nothing at all to investigate these culprits and do not even include their names on the FIR when the victim herself is accusing them.

    7. Afterwards continuously she is threatened with life threats but her security is negleted.

    8. On 27th Dec she the culprits finally assassinate her.

    9. Again the scene of crime is washed in less thn couple of hour!

    10. She is burried without autopsy. (However, some claim Government did her autopsy but that report is never to be disclosed.)

    11. Not only hers but the other 20 ppl who died along with her were also denied the autopsy for God knows what reasons.

    12. The government claim she died not from bullet, not from pallets of Bomb but from level of vehicle's top roof!

    Now who is the killer? Is it a mystery to solve who killed Mohtarma?

  • Hameed Gul, ISI and Taliban.

    No doubts about it.

  • @sasherwani,

    who is the biggest beneficiary of this murder?

    just another question

    why you have put her hubby at no4?

  • @Beenai

    Your Formulas of who is beneficiary is very valid and the mind set you have can solve lots of mysterious killings of whole world.

    Very very simple.

    Who was beneficiary of Zia killing, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Aslam baig, Nawaz Sharif and Ijazul Haq.

    Who was beneficiary of Indra Gandhi killing off course Rajiv Gandi

    Who is beneficiary of Rajiv Killing off course Sonia Ghandi and Rahul Gandhi

    Always catch the sons if their father is killed because they are the direct beneficiaries.

    Very good first kill Benazir then blame Asif Zardari, Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Asifa.

    Hang Ghinwa because she became leader after Murtaza Killing.

    Moderator Beenai is always short of beenai when it comes to PPP because his mind is paralyzed with anti PPP phobia.

  • @shamwariz,

    i maybe short of Beenai but you ,being the most clear sighted person on this forum ,may enlighten us on this murder and its objectives behind?

    i have no PPP phobia ...see my post again i have never put any single word against PPP.....


    find a single word against PPP in my previous post .

    and u can win a water cooler ....

    to cool down your emotions of PRO PPP.

  • I'm fascinated by the political fanatics in Pakistan....they won't accept accept anything even being spoken about their dear leader....kinda goes against the spirit of their democratic party doesn't it? Frankly, I"m thrilled that Bibi is dead. Now we need Altaf, Zardari, Fazlur Rehman, Nawaz and the rest of these scum too.

  • It's a cruel fate of Bhutto family.

    BB never tried to investigate and resolve the mystery of her bro's death. Likewise BB's hubby is avoiding any serious effort to hunt her assassin, given that both BB and her hubby enjoyed / enjoying the prime posts in the country's constitutional hierarchy.

  • Beenai, why is Zardari at #4? Do you find his name at number4 wrong because he shouldnt be in the list? or you believe his name should be at #1?

    I dont know who killed Benazir. Zardari reaped all the benefits of her death so it does make him an obvious suspect. Even if Zardari wasn't the president and was living in Pakistan as a common man with no political affiliations, he would have left so many questions unanswered. I mean I am NO psychologist but did he EVER even pretend to be sad at Benazir's death? What was the purpose of this "kinship" politics? Bilawal "Bhutto" Zardari? A couple of months ago Zardari was seen shouting out claims that he knows who killed bibi? Well if he does, when does he plan to disclose his/her name? Instead of flirting with Sarah Palin and insisting on some warm and cozy hugs, couldnt he have worked just a little bit harder on finding out the culprits?

    I still dont know who killed Benazir but yes Zardari will be at #4 for common reasons known to all Pakistanis.

  • @ sasherwani......current govt is of PPP , so why don't they investigate the murder of BB.....what stopping them?

  • Well, more the reason to blame Zardari :)

  • sasherwani,

    i think...Zardari should be No1...

    in every list .....

    as much u think of this unfortunate incident.

    as much u start believing in.

  • I can understand how unfortunate are you that Your expectations were ruined when after the Shahadat of our beloved BB,…. Asif Zardari our beloved leader came and reunited PPP and Now he is president of Pakistan this is more unfortunate for you. Just watch Shahid Mardood,s TV program and other NEWS paper articles after the attack on BB convoy in Karachi all unfortunate sick people now blaming Zardari were Blaming BB herself for Kararchi attack and saying that was engineers by BB herself. After Pindi attack the first SMS out was again pointing at BB.

    One may not know the actual murderers of BB even if PPP in Power but the real killers of BB are the thoughts who first Blamed BB and now are haunting Zardari.