The Game Plan of Talibans

  • The toy bomb in Lower Dir killed 13 innocent children and dozens were injured. The incident was very depressing and I was really sad to know that the impact of the bomb was too much that it took 13 lives, i mean only child was holding it wondering that it was just a toy and took lives of 13. We never knew about such destructive toys. Now daily we get to hear a new terminology.

    According to the books that I have read on world history this is the second time that a toy bomb has been used , firstly it was used in the World War II. When the Soviet forces attacked Afghans, the toy bombs were used but those bombs were not at all destructive like this one , they did not really affect the war situation even.

    If you look at the strategic point of view this area is very important because it has loads of important offices of the provincial and federal organizations and also the security forces. I have been observing the terror situation of Swat and its effects in the other regions of the country. And I am anxious to know that what is the difference between the terrorists of FATA and the terrorists of SWAT ?

    At least to me the difference seems to be a bit visible , In FATA the terrorists are working over the policies of Al-Qaeda, they are Talibans but without Taliban's banner and their goal is to De-stabilize Pakistan's Defence because their are spreading everywhere in the country. Their plan is to get more of Pakistani forces inside the country and less on the borders. So they could weaken Pakistan to a greater extent. And they can happily sit back in FATA and see their evil plan accomplished.

    The Drone Attacks are harmful to the terrorists of FATA and it has been projected by media in such a manner that it has been only taking innocent lives and the Pakistani territory has been illegaly used. But if you remember the terrorists of FATA have been killing Pakistani Soldiers. So what is so wrong about those Drone attacks ?

    Now coming to the terrorists of Swat led by non other than Sufi Mohammed his mission seems to be different and unique. It is very clear that they have links with Afghans but the weapons and arms they are getting in form of aid is provided from those areas of FATA on which there is no control of Pakistan.

    Awami National Party (ANP) governs the province of NWFP. Whose had a liberal and a socialist past. The Manifesto on which they got heavy mandate was against the religious extremism in the 2008 elections. Everyone was shocked to see the face of ANP when they supported Sufi Muhammed , Nizam-e-Adal and extremism(same meanings different words) in Swat.

    Now coming to the main point. The terrorists troops now seems to be powerful in Swat and now they have stepped into Buner. The people of Buner have been against religious extremism and terrorism for years , they have created their own force and they have pushed back these terrorists successfully once. Even this time they had a a force of 400 armed men ready to fight but the divisional administration confused them and told them to put down the arms and the strength of the force broke. And terrorists entered Buner.

    Why is this all happening ? Whats their real plan ? Why are they killing people ?

    For that if you take a deeper look on the geographical situation pf Buner. The southern part connects it to Haripur , the east to Mansehra , west to Mardan and on the southern west is Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute. The most suspicious part is that the way to Islamabad from all these areas is almost one hour. If the terrorists get into Haripur and Mansehra they can easilty take charge of Shahrah-e-Karakorum.

    The two major possibilites

    1. Entry of terrorists in the Capital City which could do major damage.

    2. The above mentioned areas are the major routes to Pakistan and China and would really affect the relations as well as the trade.

    So now they want to capture Pakistan and impose their false Shariat.

    Umer Mukhtar