Imran Khan should be allowed to enter Karachi ..

  • In my point of view he should be allowed to enter Karachi because Talibans have already entered .. and Imran Khan is just a follower and he simply backs them up .. So let them come and ruin and take away the peace of our city.

  • the best option for imran khan to counter mqm in karachi, is:

    imran khan should purchase a house in F.B.Area or Azeezabad in karachi and reside permanantly in karachi.

    you will see the result within six months...guaranteed.

    you know?

    mqm threatened edhi too,

    but edhi did not fear and continue to reside in karachi permanantely.

    so, there is a large support for edhi in karachi,

    and mqm can do nothing except cursing edhi.

    Imran Khan should come and reside permanantly in karachi,

    this is the solution for all solutions.

  • Imran ko populer honay ka moqa tou mila ...khammosh say karachi chala jata train main baith ker ,Mulana abdul aziz ki terha burqay main tou kou kuch kehta bhi nahi

  • I think , he is pakistani citizen, he has same rights as any body else .

  • Imran Khan should reside in karachi permanantly,

    there is no hitch into it,

    it will help and safegaurd people of karachi from terrorists of mqm.

  • yeah he should reside at sohrab goth alasif square with other talebans... perfect place for a taleban supporter like himm.. khoob guzrey gi jo mil bethein gey duwaney do..


    well said KArachi lover,

    a person who is scared to admit crimes of Taliban and fears calling them terrorist.

    he would be best fitting in Sohrab Ghot, thats where he will get his voters.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It looks like threat of going to Supreme court seems to have worked.

    Sindh’s Chief Minister just called him and said that you are allowed to come over to karachi for fund raising and would be given full security cover.

  • Altaf just issued a statement saying that Imran should be allowed to come to Karachi. Farook Sattar said that MQM was not involved in stopping Imran.

    Now....we all know they're both lying...the question is what happened?

    Seems to me that MQM realized that they pushed their mafioso style too far this time and the media would have to catch them on it. The court would have ruled against them and they would have exposed themselves as the terrorist outfit that they are. Also....the public HATES the MQM and Black Dog probably realized that he ain't gonna win any popularity with this kinda behavior. So....MQM backed down. Way to go Imran! Please move to Karachi....we welcome you with open arms.

  • know

    MQM realized what is right from what is wrong

    unfortunately, you are still on the wrong side!!!!!

    the one who makes blind accusations.

    Imran should come to Karachi, but not spread his Taliban propaganda.

  • yeh ..only MQM has a right to spread any kind of propaganda as long as Karachi is concerned.

  • MQM decides to 'SUPPORT' strike call by Loya Jirga for 12th may 09. Loya Jirga had anyway already made sure that strike do get successful by taking the transporters on board who had suffered serious damages when MQMized terrorists burnt down their vehicles and public transport in the violence against pathans perpetrated by them last week(29/30 april 09)

    Earlier MQM for weeks had been trying to convince Loya Jirga to take back their decision of Strike call on 12th may but they remained unsuccessful in their efforts,so finally MQM in a smart move decided to support the strike call.

    Its ironic and funny btw that strike had been call AGAINST mqm it self,the planner,executer of 12th may 2007 massacre and now the terrorist gang too is innocently 'supporting' the strike call..

  • MQM tried to stop Imran cuz they are shit scared and worried of Imran's Growing popularity in the young youth of Karachi.

    And who gave these Terrorist the rite to STOP anyone from entering Karachi! That "Coward" who is shits his pants everytime people ask/demand from him to return to Karachi!

    And yes, Imran Should live in Sohrab Goath cuz its not too far from 90, Azizabad so the MQM can shit themselves of the potential danger of Imranization in karachi!