Nawaz Sharif is emerging as a national leader in current crucial time

  • I think the decisions made, the standing taken and the vision stated by Mr. Nawaz Sharif during last one year proofs that he is a capable and competent to lead the nation in this crucial time.

    He is capable and responsible than others

  • He's made popular by the people of Pakistan.

    Instead of standing with them he's looking up to his masters in Washington to come to power. I'm sick of these bastards exploiting the awam forever.

    They are hell bent on running this country into ground. I dont know when they'll get serious abt this beloved country.


  • Thanks to Obama's new strategy

  • i dont think hee will be a nationakl leader.. he can be a punjabi leader and since punjab in majority.. he might get in power too but that doesnt make him national leader.. he will still be a regional punjabi leader ....he can never be leader of sindh nwfp or baluchistan... and mind it... punjab is part of pakistan.. not pakistan itself..