Jamati attacked media people at khi airport

  • hmm wondering.. why not even one post was about this incident..... i guess cuz it wasnt done by mqm.... agar kahin sey bhee mqm involve hoti.. to i m pretty suree.. yehan 200 posts ho chuki hotin......what double standards people have just because they have hate for mqm...

  • well said.. every bad thing should be equally cursed... I read this news on GEO and condemned it ... we should be neutral while analyzing things ....

  • i m glad you think like that.... i hope everyone should be impartial too :)_

  • yeah Alhamdu Lillah i think in this positive way and for my honesty is the first and best policy. I have to answer my own words and acts on the day of judgment and there will be no party leader ... so ........i always recommend to be impartial with honesty... that will ease life ...


  • Altaf is more criticize then Baitullah and Fazlullah

    Zerdari is more criticize then Sufi Mohammad

  • Jamat is border line terrorist orgnization and Pakistani government should ban this orgnization. Jamat has a world wide agenda which is dangerous, this orgnization opposed creation of Pakistan, what a paradox now it call custodian of Pakistan. Mullas should be kept in mosques.

  • jamati tu sub kay sub dahshatgar hain .....

  • http://www.saray-taranay.com/audio/taranay/urdu/Sarhad paar ja-ain gay.mp3

    Check this above song nothing but terrorism

    Serhad par jain gay kilashokov laingay ...by saleem naz

    here is the list of all terror songs by jamaatis

  • Jamat is the polite face of Taliban. Why USA or all others crying for takeover of Islamabad, reson is the they know Taliban is the militant wing. When they once reach there then all "Jamatia" from all department of Pakistan is automatically support them.

    Incident happened at Karachi airport cleared that they don’t like democracy (their democracy is one sided propaganda like MQM), human rights, liberty of opnion.

    Jamat and MQM is just vice versa and nothing else. Both are prejudice parties one is language and other is their own type of religious.

  • This is the another reflection of prevailing one eyed opinionship and discrimination in our society.

    When it comes to MQM...all are terrorists.

    But when it comes to Taliban,,,ppl cook 100 different excuses like.

    1. Just few years ago majority of ppl used to completely deny that they are even terrorists.

    2. Now after seeing suicide bombings and every other Fassad they cooked new argument that these are criminal elements but not Taliban.

    3. When they see that there leaders are commanding thr followers to destroy Girls/Boys Schools, Considered Democracy and rest of Pakistani Kufar and Kafirs, banned on Polio vaccination they said "Afghani Talibans are martyrs while Pakistan Taliban are jahil".

    For me both are Terrorsts. IMO I think JI is more terrorist than MQM! It is JI idaelogy which has created ppl like Hameed Gul, sufi mohd, fazlulah and Qazi hussain ahmed. JI has been involved in killing, torturing and raping on ethnic basis in Bangladesh. JI also has criminal and armed wings and they are involved in murdering, extortioning and dada giri in the universities of Lahore and Karachi. But most of us don't even call them terrorists!

    The possible reason I can see is that Pakistan is a muslim country and JI/Taliban use/abuse the name of Islam, so everything is allowed for them! History is written by rulers.

  • jamait is just another terrorist party which has made the lives of Pakistanis miserable...

    they all should hang due to their double standards and terror policies.

  • They are not just terrorist ,they are the think tank of terrorism and defense line to protect terrorism in media,politics and social circles .

  • @ netengr i don't really find any thing wrong with that video clip you have posted..

    BTW what do MQMied zealots here think about these incidents:

    Terrorists from Muhajir Rabita Council sitting at MQM’s terrorist headquarter Nine zero (90) faxed Hitlist of journalists to Amnesty International and International media organizations including BBC etc. These half brained MQM terrorists didn’t bothered to spend few Rupees of their own to send the fax from an unknown number,instead they faxed it from official number of Nine Zero MQM’s headquarter as its and Altaf’s London hideout’s bills are paid by extortion money(bathakhori) from karachiites so why bother spending your own money when you can fax it for free.But these friggin` terrorists didn’t realized that header on fax was set to MQM’s official name and number and they faxed to all news agencies worldwide from the same number the hitlist to murder these journalists in case they didn’t stopped exposing MQM.All those journalists also received bullet filled envelopes to intimidate them.


  • MQM's unit terrorists had beaten up women protestors outside press club and kidnapped/tortured journalists and protestors ?

    Clash outside Karachi Press Club leaves protesters injured


    Muttahida (MQM altaf bai) slammed over violence outside KPC



  • In the video, heard slogans of Inqalab Inqalab by jamaits..well on one side they support democracy and on the side they believe in some sort of short cut to get power by Inqalab.....dual policy. In 62 years what konsaaa barpaa kar diya hai?

  • Mismanagement and rowdyism at the airport reception is one thing and kidnapping and burning down people like the MQMized terrorists did is totally a different thing.

  • jamait and MQM both hates media and journalists .

    both have been involved in terrorism against media for long.

    Talat Hussain of Aaj was targeted by MQM.

    Jang was not distributed in karachi for a day thanks to MQM.

    jang and Geo buildings were set on fire .

    Kashif Abbasi was threatened to come to karachi by MQM ppl as he was trying to come to cover May12.

    no wonder jamait and MQM hates n afraid of media .

    every disgusting and creepy face HATES THE MIRROR.

  • Well man terror in all shapes by anyone MQM. ANP, Jamaits,Talibans etc is not acceptable. Jamaitis are killers and murders there is not doubt about it......If they are killers that don't justify any party to be killer like them and same vice versa.

    So we need to expose all elements who are propagating terror in name religion,nationalism etc.

    Exposing one side and ignoring other means a biased approach.

    Moreover the all people have the option to appeal in supreme court to ban MQM....bayan bazi tu waisay tu achi hi lagti hai....after the restoration of Judges no point to move a appeal to put a ban on MQM

  • Often at times even senior leaders also do get pushed and squeezed when large crowd gathers around them during a press conference and the political workers get over excited.

    Same thing seems to have happened here, airport terminal arrival lounge is a small area and with that kinda crowd obviously it must have gotten congested. And all workers wanted to be in front row which resulted in media persons getting pushed and squeezed, and they protested at being pushed and discontinued the coverage.

    bottomline is that airport arrival lounge is not the right place and shouldn't be used for political gatherings/receptions. Crowd should instead be stopped at main road near airport and when their beloved leaders come out of the airport building they should join them there.