Our real Identity

  • This has become the most difficult job these days to identify ourselves as basically who are we? We all claim to be muslim and Pakistani but at the same time we are indulged in the things which clearly oppose the ideology we claim to belong. We are divided in the name of lingual, ethnic, territorial, and then in various religious sects. We feel pride in such divisions and consume our energies and efforts to defend such beliefs. We like to be Deobandi,Brailvi, Ahle Hadith, Shia, Sindhi, Punjabhi, Balochi, Pathan, etc. Why is this? If we think this is not good then why not each individual of us decide today that he will give up all his identities and shall keep his identity as Muslim and Pakistani ...

    Before writing any answer just think deep honestly and then share here that can we do this ? Is it so hard to decide?

  • I do not believe there is any need to give up anything useful that makes up our identities. In my eyes, 'useful' is our ethnicity, regional affiliation, fluency in any of the languages spoken in Pak, and any other cultural variance.

    To argue, discriminate, or show superiority upon variance in culture (regional/provincial culture) is extreme foolishness at best and worthy of alienation of the person at worst. No good comes from such behaviour. Our collective minds must reject discrimination upon these reasons at all times.

    In its place, as Pakistanis we need to embrace regional/provincial differences, learn from each other, improve ourselves by identifying the qualities of each other.... uniting peoples of our provinces under the banner of our common religion and sense of national pride.




  • "We have made you into different nations so that you may recognize one another"

    I believe the Islamic ideology holds the answer if implemented correctly. Our confusion lies in the fact that we are neither here nor there. Pakistan is neither a secular country, nor is it an Islamic country and its suffering as a result. We need to decide one way or another and I feel it is not only foolish, but treachery to our public, not to go the Islamic route.

  • @Zingaro

    It is in the nature and psyche of humans to identify him/herself with his/her ethnicity, language, idealogy and culture. We don't need to give up any of them. Only we should not allow us to use it negatively. The negative use of any thing is not just confined to Nationalism or ethnicism. When humans want they can use God, Prophets, Divine Books, and every sacred and noble thing in the world to abuse, rape, murder and torture people.

    I'm Alhamdulilah Sindhi by ethnicity, Muslim by Religion, Sindh is my province and Pakistan is my country, thn I'm Asian and on larger level I'm part of this world. I don't see any Conflict or Confusion in any identity. And I believe none of my identities make me any superior or inferior than any human being of the world. What makes me superior or inferior is my conduct with fellow human beings.

    In fact IMO the problem comes when we try to adopt language, culture and identities of foreigh elements forgetting or neglecting my own genuine roots. This is when I get confuse and start questioning what am i? You will see that some ppl will start dangerously aligning themselves with Arab language and culture and some will associate themselves with Western cultures. And at the same time they will try everything to suppress that we are basically Indians and we had our own language, culture and identity. Picking good things from any culture are must and preferable but artificially imposing the foreign identity by negating your own roots is very equally deplorable. I hope you got my point.

  • As always Fahim, much the voice of reason. Your point is loud and clear!!

  • @Zingaro,

    we all should try to become a HUMAN BEING first and then things would automatically starts moving into the right direction.

    as Islam teaches us how to be a good human being?

    every book has a topic and HOLY QURAN topic is HUMAN BEING.

    so we need not to be recognized by our ethnic divisions or casts but should be recognized as a good human beings in the first place.

  • In terms of a national ideology, Humanism is not a viable option....I thought that would be self-evident for the same reasons as secularism.

  • Canuckistani,

    i am not talking about getting known as a human being.

    i am saying that one should try to behave like a human being and then he definately find the answer...

    what should be his /her identity?

  • Thank you guys for your valuable response. What brother Fahim has said is the commendable and that is in fact which i wanted to convey but may be my words were not so clear. I have no doubt that we all are born in certain different locations which have their own characteristics.We can not wash away such inherited traits but the point is that we must not use them in a way which may stand contrary to our national interest at large.