• Lanat Ullah..

    We have brought these hindu idols in our home.every singe house you hear bells ringing,bhajan singing,ashlok ,bhagwat geeta.All their gods exist more than 10 hours in our house Ram,seeta,hanumaan,mata kali,durga maa...it was so shocking

    to see people not dont even close Tv during adhan..wow

    I have asked my friend who is hindu he told me told he only go to mandir once a week tuesday.I asked him you people are so religious you begin you day with as start plus and for every happy news you perform poja he said to no way if do like then what is the different between you and us(Muslims).This is all fake!

    Allah never forgive those who take part in shirk! and right now every pakistani house is a center point of this shirk!

    May Allah show us the right path!

  • To bolo Oom shanti om?

    Dude get a life? Your posts are full of utter BS. What happens within ppls homes is their own personal matter. Its none of yours or your mulla brother's business. I dont watch indian movies personally(more of a Hollywood fan)but I dont mind if someone is watching em. Let ppl live their lives as long as it doesn't affect the lives of others. Its just common ettiquetes that the tv/ radio volume should be lowered during azan. But if someone doesn't its his/her own bad luck as he/she is accumulating sins.

    Plus what has this got to do with Politics?

  • shasherwani

    just like khan sahib i want to inform

    you comments are not welcome here! in my post! please put look politics related post

    mind your own business please

  • personally i dont like stupid ,illogical,cheap ,obscene,and ripped from hollywood movies of bollywood .

    but nobody can force anyone to see and not to see something.

  • @ijay,

    i have put your thread into chit chat section.

    as it is not a Current affair issue or a political issue.

  • yea i have chosen wrong section! but this issue related with pakistan you can put in social and cultural isse

  • Beenai

    i am not talking about movies...i am talking women favourite STAR PLUS who is opening mandir in every

    house of pakistan and brining bhagwan,ram in our lives

  • @Ijay,

    i have put it in socail n cultural section...Happy?

    as long as STAR PLUS is concerned .

    i equally hate indian drama channels as their movies.

    i personally think that Pakistani Dramas are much better then indian dramas .

    but you will be happy to know that according to media ratings of dif channels ,indian drama channel ratings are going down.

    so be happy.

    and dont worry.

  • IJAY,

    You are such a Hypocrite urself!

    GO and eat your heart out but every one will write whatever they want on each ,single post on pkpolitics. U like your Tanga party..Only people who agrees with your bullshit can write!


    sasherwani.. Couldn't agree more!

  • khan sahib you can't post here :X

  • U bet your ASS I can ;-)

  • i ll ask beenai so you ca't comment in my any post i need good people NOT YOU!

  • KHAN

    I think you are annoyed becuase i have not menttion Hanuman Gee..he is alike you right! sorrry!

  • You Bet Your Ass is a Canadian game show that airs on The Comedy Network... U MORON!


    Abay kali matta kay pujaree! hanuman say kaya dushmanee hay tujay!

  • For all dummies there is my book for dummies

    the purpose of this post is that as nation we are bringing

    the indian idols in our home in our lives..we are virtually participating puja and also listening there bhajans and enjoying ashlok..

    Indirectly doing shirk! mutual shirk..not individual

    sherk is unforbidden crime in eyes of ALLAH!

    so some time use your brain!

  • Then Shut down ur TV and Dont watch indian or any hollywood movies. Dont watch TV either as its against ISLAM!

    And Yeah! Don't watch any sports which have any women!

  • Khan can you convey this messgae to masses!

    This is not about me and you ...its us! we are paying the price of this shirk

  • khan!

    is showing mirrors to blind ! LOL

  • JIHAD starts from your home!

    Put your hand on your heart and say that u dont watch any indian movies or channels?

    Yeahee tou problem hay tumhara!

    You preach but don't act urself.

    I have no problems with your raised questions or issues and the only reason, i do criticise you as you fail to priortise the issues.

    Also, I most of the time will disagree with JS but I will not call him Javaid etc.. If you can't respect your elder then I am afraid that no one is going to listen to you.

    Remember! Respect is Earned ..You don't get it by DEFAULT!

  • even if they watch at my hoem i told them swtch channel when they show pooja....idols hinduwita BS