Dubai sheikh brother nearly killing afghani man...true face of dubai


    please watch the whole video. and please help me to highlight this issue at every forum.thanx

    usman mazhar

  • Allah will send his answer to these arab rulers soon! they have made hijaz a den of prostitution and homosexuality even one of th 8 miqaat jeddah is now tainted with sex friend who is from riyadh told me that saudis weekend hobby is having sex with new girls.they wear abaya and underneath nothing.they dont deserve to have these lands in their hands..they soon will lose their rule .their end is certain.

    in one of my journeys around the globe i met young saudi guy who was homosexual i asked him you are from saudia dont you fear Allah he said no problem i will go to makka and offer umra and my all sins will wash away..but i will continue this gives me enjoyment..YA ALLAH ..forgive us..they called themselves custodiam of 2 holy mosques!


  • This is how Allah treated people of riyadh because of their sins prostitution and homosexuality by sending worst ever sand storm in the history of saudi arabia..

    (thanks my friend in riyadh for this video)

    As a pakistani we should take ibraat from this video

    Allah never forgive those who crossed their limits

  • I have watched the video of Shaikh Mohammad Issa bin Zyed and what he dis was purely a brutal act against the ethics of humanity. Islam says that if someone is proved to be involved in theft, cut his hands but Islam does not give right to any body to humiliate and torture a thief even if his crime is proved. I was really shocked to watch the video that how can we protest against US for Abu-Ghraib jail incidents when our own rulers are doing perhaps more than that. are right man .. what is happening in KSA is really alarming and shameful. May Allah forgive us.

  • If this happens by USA,Israel or others all mulla will speak against this and this would become Muslim Ummah Problem but now one cares about when Muslims in involved against muslim ..whats is the difference abu ghareeb and in this video ???

  • Who is supporting them USA or Mullas?

  • Keeping salience is a crime ..

    Mulla remains silence in mukhtara mai case

    Mulla are silent against taliban killings

    Mullas are silent what is heppening around us in jails ,on road etc

    Mulla speak only when USA or Israel do some thing ,the "Jazba-e-Emani" is not against a "zalim Musalman "

  • I sincerely pray that Allah tortures the 'Sheikh' in some gruesome way on this Earth before he dies, for what he has done to that poor man in the video. But I hope that Allah continuously burns and inflicts pain upon this abuser of authority in the after-life.

    Damn him and people like him everywhere. His existence can only be understood by God, I have much difficulty just thinking about his mentality.

  • If a mulla is silent it does not matter because we know how much respect mulla gets in a society and he deserves this. Most important is that no one is effected with his silence.


    It is a crime for a Govt. to keep silent on a crime. Now you remember Mukhtaran mai for which your hero perveiz muhsarraf said that she did this to get a visa. It is duty of Govt. to stop and resist violence but for mulla its only a moral duty.

  • LetsDoIt:

    You're correct that it's the duty of any govt. to stop and resist violence... unfortuneately, it's a FACT that the biggest perpetrators of violence, torture and murder of peoples are actually govts. themselves.

    There are just too many to site here, but you can take any country's e.g.... more than criminal gangs, single players, any group from history or in the present time, it is the govt. that has the ability to implement murders, genocides, tortures, and every other conceivable crime en-mass.

  • One correction to be made to the title of this post; Nahyan is the royal family of Abu Dhabi, not Dubai. Also, a lot of Abu Dhabi princes visit Pakistan for hunting and travel to Balochistan, Rahim Yar Khan and other far out places in Pakistan. Just something for our Pashtun brothers to keep in mind in case they wish to say hello on behalf of our Afghani brother who has been treated this way. The fact that Nahyan is Muslim should not spare him one bit.

  • This Prince should be treated the same way!

    First Beat the Shit out of him!

    Fill his foul mouth with sand!

    Spray some Salt all over his wounds

    And then he should be run over by the same SUV too

    Khoon ka badla Khoon...

  • The rulers of UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain forgets what happened with Saddam.

    That's why I mentioned in my earlier post that they all are hypocrites, with no moral values.

    Shame on all of us and all the muslim world