Why for capitalist not for poor farmers

  • Hizb ut-Tahrir condemns the statement of federal minister for Investment Mr.Waqar Ahmed Khan, in which he has announced the selling of one million acre land to foreign investors to promote Corporate Farming which will attract foreign investment and import of foreign technology in farming sector. Millions of farmers have not been given the privilege of having their own land and those who have this privilege are burdened through taxes on agriculture medicines, machinery, seeds and electricity because of this scenario agriculture sector of Pakistan has not been performing well despite of the fact that Pakistan has the world forth largest agriculture land in the world. But in order to promote corporate farming, government is ready to sell or lease land for long periods, allowed import of duty free machinery, harvesting of crops as per their desire and selling of crops as per international prices. Because of these concessions to foreign investors, small farmer will not be able to compete them. At one end government screams of limited resources and inadequate water supplies and deprives its own citizens to use ten million acre cultivable land placed idle. But in order to protect this one million acre land owned by foreigners, government will establish a new security force comprising of one hundred thousand men and provide water to irrigate this land. If government is able to provide water to these lands then why these lands are forbidden for poor farmers so that they cultivate these lands and became the owner of these lands. Mohammad (saw) said: ‘Whosoever inhabits a land that belongs to nobody he is more deserving of it’ (Bukhari). By implementing this order of Islam not only poverty will be vanished but Pakistan’s agriculture production will be enhanced many folds and government will earn a huge amount as Khiraj and Usher from these lands. Hizb ut-Tahrir demands that government immediately abandon the selling of one million acre of land to few capitalist. These lands should be distributed among land less farmers free of cost and provide duty free fertilizer, seed, electricity and machinery to agriculture sector. Because of these measures unemployment will diminish and Pakistan will became self sufficient in agriculture sector and also we will get freedom from American and European blackmailing.