Who represent Sawat ,Afzal lala or Imran khan ??

  • Imran Khan who do not condemn Taliban and always try to twist the situation and calling them a Paktoons struggle instead of religious fighting by Taliban .

    Where Afzal lala who is originally from Sawat and stayed there even Talban want to kill him ,He openly say that talibans are terrorist ,killer ,talibans are looting ,the area is hold by taliban and there is not effect after the agreement .

    Imran khan who do not visit tribal area and sawat ,saying that they are not taliban and they are criminal ,he always twist the situation ,i don't know is there ant special agenda given to Imran Khan by Hameed gul ??

  • lol@netgrr..

    Abay, aab tujay kiss nay iss special agenda pay kaam karnay ko bhaija hey? CIA? MQM? RAW?? LOL

  • netgrr...

    He says the same... ISI and Talibaan are same!


  • Khan Sb ,

    Asal main Imran kay khilaf sunatay hue tumhain kafi takleef hoti hay .... per kia keron he is soo stupid as altaf or mulla umer

  • lol

    Imran koyee mayray phoopi ka baita nahee hay but for me he is andhoun may kanna raja.. THOUGH HIS POLITICAL IMMATURITY PISSES ME OFF

  • Khan Sb ,

    Jab Imran ko bolta hoon tou tumhain mirchain kiyon lagti hain


  • Bilkul aysey hee jau tumhaey Altaf kay barey may postings say aag lagtee hay!

    wasey iss interveiw kaa Imran say kaya taluk hey? tum bhee ijay ky bhai bantey jaa rahey hoe!

  • Abay Altaf ko Jitna maro meri taraf say ...

    Jab bhi imran ko kuch bolo Altaf ko liatay ho ..kia yeh dono miyan bivi thay jin ka jaghra ho gaya ho ?

    I do not like to addresses any person directly . but I criticize Imran lallo then you comments personal

  • Imran Khan, Hameed Gul, Hamid Mir and people like them are Zia-ul-haq's baqiaat.

    I am a big fan of Afzal Lala. I hope all Swatis follow Lala's thinking.

  • In Hamis Mir Program the dramay baaz Imran said that he does not visit to sawat becasue his PTI memeber do not want him to visit there as there are many criminals in Sawat ....(meaning not taliban )

    Wah bhai wah ..jahan taliban ki ijazat say churya per nahi mar sakti wahan aur groups ko blame kerna aur taliban ko protect kerna ..

    He should keep in mind that jis nay bhi iss fitnay ko support kia hay unhi kay hathon mera bhi hay ....

  • I respect Imran as a cricketer otherwise he is a disaster. His support for Talibans is lamentable. Most of the time he seems insane, he should take some rest, while Pakistanis come out of troubles.

  • Even Prime minister or President don't visit Swat and you want Khan to visit swat..

    Btw what do you say about Long distance telephonic Pir Altaf,shouldn't he visit Karachi,Pakistan?

  • netgrr ko yeah tou nazar nahee atta doctor sahib! Even Imran was not allowed to visit karachi for the 4th time..

    netgrrr needs to look into altaf crimes and shortcomings b4 blaming Imran or anyone for that matter.

  • Prime minister accept that taliban controlling the area and they are killing people .but Hameed gul agent Imran never condemn and does not accept that talibans are the problem ,if this is the case then he and his Imam Qazi should go there ..Also Sawat was the JI vote bank ,and Imran claimed that his party is the 3rd large party in NWFP ( joke) .so what he is doing in Lahore and London .Go to his support area

  • netgrrr..

    Mirchey khanna bund kar doe yaar... thora sa altaf husain ka meetha meetha halwa kha loe

  • netengr Altaf claims that 100% people of Karachi support him and are his supporter. Even those muhajir that were burnt alive and killed by MQMized unit terrorist in Tahir Plaza Karachi,even all of them he claims were MQM sympathizer . For almost a decade his party is in absolute power,Governor,City Government,part of Federal Govt. Still he is reluctant to visit Karachi?

    If that really is the case like he claims then should'nt he visit Karachi expecting people to sprinkle rose petals on him?

  • Abay altaf ko jahan lai ja ker marna hay maro .meri taraf say ijazat hay ..aur bhi jo kuch kerna hay kero uss kalay kay saath ...

    per Imran is a Pilla of Hameed Gul ..

    Aisay agents ko USA use terta hay apnay khilaf bhi thikanay laga daita hay ..

  • chaloo netgrr...

    AAb jub kay tum nay altaf ko disown kur deeya hay officially tou aab jo dil chahey tum IK kay saath karoo.. lol

  • LoL i really find that term "US agent" very amusing and funny. Actually again this term completely fits Absconding british grand terrorist Altaf hussain.