Restore Chaudhary’ Restore Nawaz Sharif ..Motives of Free Judiciary achieved.

  • So called the champions of Resorting Iftikhar chaudhary’ had only one argument against all the evils in Pakistan that was restore Chaudhary’ and all the evils will be wiped out automatically.

    To prosecute Musharraf …. restore Chaudhary’

    To stop the Drone attacks… restore Chaudhary’

    To Stop the Taliban restore… Chaudhary’

    To Lower the Fuel prices restore… Chaudhary’

    For Global unemployment restore …Chaudhary’

    What Chaudhary’ has done is the other Chaudharies do.

    Not even a single interference in law passed in SWAT, Load shedding, women getting killed innocent being slaughtered in Fata .

    Only one thing Chaudhary’ has done is Restore Nawaz Sharif

  • @shamwariz

    I agree with you ,

    We do not accept the issues and problems we just want to relate the issues and problems to some one .we have different real issue in our country and every issue is different then other .but we have been trying to relate this to one issue only .

    2 years ago if some one speak against terrorism and Taliban people would say "this is all because of the uniform of mushraf " then "when Mushraf will leave and after election there will not be any terrorism " .

    We have to realize that the issue of Taliban and terrorism was since 30 years in Pakistan this was not just because of dictator Musharraf .

    Restoration of the judicatory was separate issue .

    MQM is separate issue now MQM opposing taliban and those who are against MQM now supporting Taliban just because of the opposition of MQM .MQM is different Mafia then taliban Mafia both are wrong .

    In pakistan not a single man can solve all the issues ,Removing Zerdari or PPP will not solve any problem now ,I think we need national unity ,rule of law ,and we have to eliminate those people who have agenda or support terrorism like IK ,QAzi ,Hameed gul . now we have to trust our army and the government .this is the solution otherwise we will keep fighting like a country in Africa .