Taliban advocates in Media

  • So In today's Jang, Hamid Mir writes there is tons of weapons in Karachi and there is no government writ in KArachi therefore army should quit operation in Swat and FATA and go to Karachi. Complete BS!!!

    He also said that Sufi Swati's recent statements against democracy are conspiracies against Sufi. Now I am wondering since Sufi made those statements himself, is Hamid Mir suggesting Sufi is conspiring against himself?

    Hamid Mir also wrote couple of days ago that Sufi should wait a couple of more months for giving statements against democracy. I think what Hamid Mir implied was after a couple of months Taliban will take over and then Sufi can say whatever he wants to and since Taliban has not taken over yet, making statements against democracies make task of Taliban advocates (for example Hamid Mir) more difficult.

    Who is Hamid Mir?? Does he work for ISI?? CIA?? Does he work for Al-Qaeda and Taliban? Why is he even allowed to be on TV and misguide Pakistani people. He, along with Hameed Gul ,Imran Khan, Irfan Siddiqui (the PML-N Jang newspaper coulumist) are the biggest advocates of Taliban. They mix their Talibanic ideas with Pakistani patriotism and unfortunately innocent Pakistani people get impressed by that.

    Someone in the media should counter these Taliban advocates but until now I dont see anyone doing that. MQM is doing a little bit in this regard but they seem to lack any intelligent argument to counter the populous arguments made by Taliban advocates.

  • Everyone knows that there are millions of non Licenced, illegal weapons in Karachi which are used several times in political and religion based violence! So If we can support an Army Operation in FATA and Swat, then Why not in Karachi and or any other city where, there are illegal weapons!

  • No, you cant mix Karachi and Fata.

    These are two distinct issues and have nothing to do with each other. FATA problem is fundamentally different from Karachi.

    Taliban do not recognise Pakistani state or Pakistani government. They dont participate in elections and they do not believe in democracy. Its not just about illegal weapons. They want their own law implemented. They want to take over whole country and implement their barbaric laws. Taliban have national and international ambitions. There is no government in FATA and Swat. Government is non-existant and courts, schools have been shut down. There are no systematic or institutional means to resolve the issue.

    Karachi issue on the other hand is about criminals. In Karachi there are criminals, land mafias and drug mafias. MQM and ANP are acting like qabza groups who want to own Karachi. They dont want to implement their own law in Karachi and Pakistan. In Karachi there is an elected government and it does seem to have somewhat influence. The courts, however corrupt they are, are still functional. There still is an intitutional and systematic way to control the situation. The weapons in Karachi are no less than weapons in Lahore or Rawalpindi.

    Yes, there is law and order situation in Karachi and if there is a need, an operation can be done but still that has nothing to do with FATA and Swat. Taliban want to take over the nation and implement their own law. Mafias in Karachi on the other hand are only interested in bhatta and money. The Karachi problem is not unique and it exists in almost any big city to some extent. The problem is even worse in Karachi because of the bad governance. FATA issue is unique and distinct and only exist in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Arab countries to some extent.

    This is just like a patient who has Cancer and Aids and you say to the paitent why are you only treating Aids when you have Cancer. If you are not treating Cancer then you should also not treat Aids.

    People who make arguments like these (Hamir Mir, Hameed Gul etc) are influenced by Talibani ideology and are infact their sympathisers and advocates.

  • i agree obaid.... hamid mir, ansar abbassi, irfan siddiqui, hameed gul imran khan, munawaar us sey pehley qazi.. they all support talebans...kuch din pehley tak nawaz shaif bhee isi qabeeley mein shamil they.. america ki taraf sey warning key bad.. nawaz sharif ab anti taleban comments dey rahey hein.. to yeh to haal hey janab..




    Issi liye kehti hun ke poorey Pak nazaam ko badalaana ho ga, neechey se ley kar ooper tak. Using multi-pronged strategies, utilizing sincere, talented, quality people that would be like-minded to take up the task of bringing reform into Pak politics.

  • There are double standards ,for taliban every thing is allowed and there are advocates in the forums and in the politics .Yes ,Hamid Mir has sympathy with Alqaida ,he was the first person who took interviewed bin ladin after 9 /11 .he used to say that bin ladin is the soldier of Islam .If we loss this war then these agents will be the main cause

  • Democracy is the only way to change the system altogether.

    It might take 2-3 elections but only then we can get sincere people. There is no other way or short-cut to it.

    Military and Martial-law have tried to do this numerous times and we all can see what that has done to the country.

    We all say we need sincere leadership but think about, how can we get sincere leadership? Do you think another prophet will come to Pakistan? No, only through elections we can get sincere leadership. There are no short-cuts people!!!

    Coming back to the topic. How can we counter propoganda of Taliban advocates in Pakistan?

  • Few misguided people think Talibans are alternative to current system of governance which is som ehow corrupt etc. I will ask them what is Taliban's agenda? Banning girl's education, bombing schools, bombing innocents in mosques, banning hair dressers, cutting throats of abducted people, throwing rockets at grid stations, looting properties and so on. This all seems very impressive to the likes of Hamid gul, Hamid mir and the cadre. Their five years plan seems sending us back to the stone ages. Whatever Talibans stand for, be it Dar al Qaza which is just a pretext not the cause of Taliban insurgency is consmetic Islamic agenda which has nothing to do with Islam. I am sorry to say that a school of thought who call them Muslims aren't even humans and it will be disgrace to animals to call them animals. I know there are millions of Deobandis who are self respecting, God fearing and straight forward people, but neo islamists deobandis like Talibans are nothing but trouble. They happily accept the atrocities and try to cash them for gains and control. I don't know how to deal with this menance of Talibans, sadly but surely putting them down seems the only viable options in all the bad options. I will say the only good Taliban is the dead one.

  • nicely said potohori... fully agreed

  • There is only one difference.

    taliban challenge state writ on the basis of religon and

    MQM challenege state writ on the basis of ethinicity.

    Both of them are the same, both collect bhatta, both carrying weapons, both killing innocents, both are ruling on the basis of terror, both have been established by the army.

  • And MQMized mafia is naturally quite vocal against Taliban. Both of them are involved in similar crimes so there is a serious conflict of interest. MQM doesn't want taliban to enter its turf(Karachi) and is making hue and cry because they know all too well that if taliban did came to khi then their sector and unit terrorists won't be no match for the Talibans. Killing burning alive and extorting innocent unarmed Karachiites is one thing and fighting Talibans is totally different thing,absconding pir Altaf bai knows that.

  • I completely disagree with doctor. MQM and Taliban are not involved in similar crimes and I explained the reasons in my previous post.

    Just think about it in this way. You obviously think MQM is a terrorist organisation. Lets suppose it is, even then does that warrant another terrorist organisation to establish in Karachi??

  • Offcourse it doesn't . In fact we need to tackle the terrorist organization(MQM) already active here in karachi first. MQM is just using Taliban bogey to kill and expel as many Pathans as it can from Karachi.Its unit and sector terrorists are busy buring down their livelihood,businesses,properties and pathan owned public transport.

    MQMized terrorists are busy killing and torching Pathan lpg shop owners,truck,taxi,minibus,rickshaw drivers, Baluchi Quetta tea shop owners/Tandoor walas/peanut/dry fruit sellers(on pushcart)/ragpickers/mochis(coblers)


  • @doctor

    You are a typical example of all those conservative pakistanis who just speak that truth which is convenient to them while being in a complete denial to the realities that are a bit hard to digest for them.

    anyways, Now suddenly that you find mqm as dangerous as Talibans, could you plz tell me as to why..

    1-except, for some biased punjabi journalists ( i hate to say it but i am afraid this is the reality of the day) and nawaz leaguas, its Taliban, who the whole world is united in seeing the end of??

    2-why conservatives like you are the only people in the whole wide world who suddenly become peacemaking doves when it comes to barbaric/uneducated/traitors Talibans and talk about having peace deals with them but at the same time are suddenly talking about using force against a well established party of pakistan ?...are karachites any lesser pakistanis as compared to pushtoons? (the guys which you suddenly become sentimental about?)

    3-why people like you are choosing to side with a group of people who a decade(or even less) ago were not even regarded as pakistanis and were considered strictly as Afghan entities, when you all know it very well, that Mqm (no matter how controversial it might be )has been an elected representatives of majority of urdu speaking community of pakistans and btw when i talk about urdu speakings i talk about the same guys who were so much in favor of pakistan that they dint even care leaving their homes and belonging for it and who while being the most educated community in the whole pakistan gave you geniuses like QUAID-E-AZAM, LIAQAT ALI KHAN, DR ABDUL QADEER KHAN!

    So let me get it staright!, you don't want any more quaids, khans etc but want sofis, baitullahs etc

    (lagay raho bhaio, no wonder you are the only group on the face of earth who is supporting and being sympathetic to these monsters who was an artificial creation of our own army in order to rule the world in the name religion!)

  • I think Talibans are rite and i support Al qida en Hamid mir is rite usma bin ladin is a islmaic sodlr i won't saymuch bcoz uz won't undrstn me i jst want to say watch few vidz on Youtube about ppl convritin islm en spcially islam dreaming Australia they r thousnds ov ppl who r convritin islam in todayz world en they all support osama y do uz think they osama i don't think they r brain washd they convrt to islam after studin islam they r like uz "we are mulslim" but don't know the meanings ov mulims uz jst shitt men! 1st understand islam then talk about! don't jst read few islamic terms en start debatin first understand it mate.. for example a strong prsn took a all the extra food 4rm the another prsn who was saving the food for himself for the next dayz, that prsn took the food en gave to a poor prn who was hungry en looking 4 food, (if u study islam its illegal to do that u can't take sum1z food by force)then that prsn said u r mulim u believe on islm its illegal to that u r makin en ofns then that prs said do u think u r mulim i don't think so bcoz if u r really a mulslim u will never save food 4 ur self for the nxt days u should've gave that to that prsn ov ur own bcoz thats what called studing en understanding.... uz jst studing en still can't defence ur slf prply en think how can u dbt with the prsn who understands islm!!!!!!!

  • no matter Hamid Mir is an agent of Talibaan or not.

    but weapons in karachi should be sent back to US or through into the Arabian sea .

  • Weapons are the gift of Zia which are Are in abundance not only in FATA or Karachi but whole of Upper Punjab from Lahore to Gujrat and from Sargodha to Sialkot. But our Punjabi dominated media has vested intrests in particular areas only.

    If some unbiased person can count how many innocents were killed in Sindh including Karachi and how many in upper Punjab.

  • @shamwariz,

    don't u think that more than unbiased media men....

    we need unbiased leaders n decision makers ?

    as media men can only show or write about facts ...

    to accept the fact ...to act accordingly and to act what should be in the favor of every Paksitani ...is the part of a unbiased ruler responsibility.

  • @Beenai

    What you say is that what Media should be doing but my problem is Media is not doing that

  • @shamwariz,

    so u wanna say that media is only showing one side of the story?

    or the story media men wants or to be told to promote?