Why do they always miss Talib leaders (Baitullah, Fazlullah, Mangal Panday,etc)?

  • It's mindboggling that in each start-stop operation they miss those leaders. Nobody has been captured or killed even after their claim to have slaughtered soldiers.

    Is our intelligence apparatus so weak to track them down? Or is it that they are homegrown monsters kept alive to bargain for some dollars?

    Not to mention they dont come under the radar of DRONES either....

    Isn't it fishy?

  • Its the same as Osama been missing and not found by Americans!

  • or weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?

  • yea...I wonder about that too.

    I came across one report which claimed that our military provided CIA with details of "Baitullah"s movements to send a hellfire missle, but they ignored it.

    Our leaders are lost in their lust for power/money. Recently, all the big American papers have been publishing news about our nukes falling into hands of Talibs.

    But our beloved Hussain Haqqani would like us to not pay attention to those papers!!!!!

  • Baitullah will never be caught cuz he is an American agent! And why would CIA listen to ISI? They don't trust each others.

  • calling an CIA agent is easy to escape from the situation ,People Use to call Abdul rasheed Ghazi an agent of musharraf but he was killed by musharraf .how come an agent will kill by his master ???

    Talibans are religiously motivated and have their Jamaati ideology with evil spirit and bloody history .they may be used by CIA but this is the reality that they are doing this as their religious duty .

  • netgrrr...

    If a common Journalist can go and interveiw baitullah, how come the so called CIA can't kill him when they have so called Pak Army support too?

  • If baitullah Mehsoud will be killed then he will become hero like Ghazi ..

    If ISI can hire a suicide bomber against taliban then these bulshiter baitullah mehsoud will be killed too .

  • If ISI and USA want, they can kill Baitullah in 1 day!

    Kiss ko bawakoof bana rahain hain?

    its not 14th Century..

  • yaar netengr ki baat ka jawab na diya karo, usay bolnain do. He is retarded, jamat nain iskay sath kuch personally bura kiya hai. Its personal so leave him like this