Vaccination to Fight Taliban-Flu?

  • I understand it is the time to research for an effective vaccination to fight back Taliban-Flu, what is heading to become fatal for Pakistan and rest of the region.

    Most of the traditional prescriptions are not working well.

    Should it be Allopathic, Homeopathic, Unani, Yoga or a complete surgery?

    I don't support the idea about the use of nuclear bomb of limited capacity.

  • JS Sahib..

    I was not expecting the last sentence from a guy like u! There is no such thing as a nuclear bomb of a limited capacity!

  • simple answers: Go back to pre-2004 situation. Problem solved :-)

  • @ My dear Khan Sahib,

    According to my information a nuclear device has been developed to destroy an area of 5-10 Sq. Miles.

    What could be carried in a brief case.

    It is possible to limit the area of destruction just as it is done during a nuclear test. (What Pakistan deployed in Baluchistan)

  • Talibani-flu can be prevented by ban on all political and religious groups which use religion .

  • NO matter if some babies, some children, some women, some old men are living in this area but if even a single person representing Taliban in that, JUST flat that area with nukes.

    This is the philosophy behind drone attacks. Up till now only 10 to 12 militants are killed in drone attacks and rest over 800 people were kids, babies, old men and women.

    Could some body write me difference between those talibans and these educated, ill human right protectors.

  • @JS

    the above message is not for you, you are not supporting the idea of using nukes i know but you are just floating this idea.