Recite "Doorud Shareef" during Train Journey... Advice to Train Passengers!

  • At last an Honest Minister in PPP's Govt!

    Recite "Doorud Shareef" during Train Journey... Advice to Train Passengers in Pakistan by Railway Minister..

  • saath saath kalma bhi parhna chaiye! mout ka kuch pata naheen kab ajaye rail mein!

    aik din tv par dekha ke pakistan mein last year buhut saray loog train ke chat se gir ka halak ho gaye, meri walida ne yeh baat safai karnay wali ko batai jo keh polish nasil ki hai, us ne poocha, loog chat par kion baithay howay the ? :|


  • atleast wazeere railway is honest...:) lolss but does he himself travel by train too?? or was this mashwara only for bechari awam?

  • Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya it wasn't actually the roof that fell, it was the floor which had rusted and fell while the train was crusing at full speed. All passenger in that train compartment were crushed to death. That is why the minister instead of doing some thing practical is just asking awam to keep praying that floor won't fall again.