Sufi swati in the media!

  • Have you noticed the un necessary attention media is giving to this animal called Sufi Swati ?

    even the looser anchor like kashif abbasi who lost his stand and returned to work for a few dollars went straight up the hill to interveiw ex ppp worker Muslim Khan and then talk to Sufi Swati!

    Warning: I warn all people that Sufi swati is the new Osama bin laden and he will give the Nato the reason to invade NWFP.

    His every word will be distorted and used as an indication of his ill intentions and he will be new hawa and used to further attacks..

    Army created him to get money and public support for their agenda....

    army cannot do operations unless there is threats, and guess what here is your threat!

    Sufi swati!


  • MULLA:

    PLZ GO TO "Why Allah has chosen Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) as Last prophet?" POST AND SHED SOME FURTHER LIGHT

  • ORIEL:

    minds of jahils are like the pupil of the eye, the more "light" shed , the narrower it gets!

    Quran says, do not argue with "animals"....:)


  • Maghroori buri baat hoti hai Mulla!

    Magar agar kisi topic pe baat nahin karna chahtey to ya ignore kar diya karo ya na keh diya karo.... logon ko waisey hi jaanvar na kaha karo... especially by using quranic daleel.