Is kashif abbasi reliable any more ?

  • Remember Dr. Shah id Masood who was destroyed and his reputation as a mind leader was corrupted after bowing down to govt pressure.

    Same happened with kashif abbasi, after loosing two months of pay and not getting any offers from any other media outlet like Geo etc, he "returned" and jumped on the govt agenda to create new bin ladens for west to attack and occupy!

    Not reliable I would say.....


  • hmmm

    how is his new plastic nose

  • He was'nt reliable to begin with. He is a media spokesman of Nawaz League and Taliban.

  • taliban is now political party

  • I tried to hide his unreliability by shouting stupid nonsense about his nose...but izaatt or beizzati Allah ke "hath" mein hai!


  • i agree with the notion that he is pro nawaz sharif in media so he isnt impartiall ...and if its true that after two months.. he decided to come back to ary cuz no one else gave him ghass.then its no strange.. most of the anchors are like that...he is no exception

  • subb choar hain!

  • mulla kyun beecharay kay peechay lagay huway ho, shahid masood nain to tumhain hire nahin kar liya. He is as good as before. I like him. It was Governor of punjab issue what kept him away from ARY and now ARY has accepted all his terms and condition for which he is back

  • how do you know ary accepted his terms.. may be its the other way around.. since he couldnt gain foot on someother network.. he decided to work for ary on the same salary :)

  • I think all major channels have enough nawaz sharif spokesmen, so no one is looking anymore which is why he had to come back to his home base.

  • if mqm lovers are disturbed then it means kashif abbasi is the same and have not accepted any terms and conditions otherwise you would not have any problem with him my dear

  • lols.. bat kashif abbasi ki horahi hey.. yehan bhee mqm ko ghuser liya.. kiya kaha jasakta hey.. lagta hey logon ka khana mqm key zikar key bagher hazam nahin hota... topic koi bhee ho :) mqm ko shamil kurna zaroori hota hey lols....

  • this keeps mqm supporters tight :) isnt it

  • no this shows... how much racism is here :) sorry to say...

  • mqm does not represent a race, its a political party.... or its other way round....... fishy statement..think it over dear

  • i rest my case.... as obvious.. this topic about kashif abbasi is now being turned into mqm keep balbbering about mqm or so.....

    i wonder they call mqm a party of 2 cities.. and at this site 90% topics are about mqm .. isnt it amazing.. 2 cities ki party ka kitna bar hawwa hey key is site pur hur koi mqm ka ragg alapta hua nazar ata hey ... amazing to see

  • because it is the only party which is clinging to the Govt. and doing terror politics. Cancer is dangerous even if it is on a very small part of the body

  • media anchors like kashif abbassi and hamid mir, and irfan siddiqui should be send to live in swat....along with their family..... isb aur lhr key islami nizam sey nikal kur they should be living in ""real islamic nizam " in swat....

  • phir dekhtey hein :) in ka pro taleban stance kitna baqi rehta hey...

  • @Mulla,

    i disagree with the thought that he has become unreliable just coz he has conducted an interview with Talibaan leaders .

    its a fact that every channel follow the other.

    if Hamid Mir of GEO is taking interview of him and if Talat Hussain of Aaj is taking interview of him ..then it becomes kind of necessary for ARY to do the same .

    as they have no solid anchor .

    and somehow they managed to get Kashif back in their team.

    they have sent him to Swat to get EXCLUSIVE ON ARY interview.

    u ppl must have noticed that they were constantly labeling it with Exclusive ARY .

    it doesnt mean that Kashif has been used or sold out.

    if that is the case that means all anchors like Hamid Mir ,Talat Hussain and others have also been sold out they also had conducted the interviews of the same Swat leaders.

    as long as Kashif 2 month absence is concerned .

    rumours are many ...but more loud was Salman Taseer one.

    dont know ...

    what are the terms of his joining back ?

    and who has made the terms ?

    only Kashif can tell us the truth .