In response to last IK's article

  • I was working on this but couldn't get time to finish it properly. I couldn't find the link of original discussion based on IK's article. So, I am starting new thread. I can write so much more but I think for time being this is enough.

    My response to IK article.

    I cannot disagree more with IK. Day by day he is exposing himself to me as pseudo-intellectual. His understanding of matters is not very different than angry and stupid teenager who is in romance with Islam.

    Is War on Terror, Pakistan’s War?

    He exposed himself in the very beginning of this article when he wrote that for Pakistan "war on terror" is started after 9/11. He is completely forgetting (and IMO deliberately) that much before 9/11 we have had Karachi embassy bombings, Sectarian clashes, 1000s of Arabs-chechans, usbiks and other ppl were brought in Pakistan, Drug and AK47 Culture, and jee-hadi camps all over the country. When we took part in Afghan War, a military dictator Zia poisoned the nation with extremism, and trained people and armed them we made it our war. Later we were ditched with 4,000,000 afghan refugees, thousands of foreign warriors, huge depo of amunition and armed people. Then we were fighting with drugs and AK47 culture and its product MQM. The only difference 9/11 made was that Pakistani state (I mean our mighty establishment) took a u-turn and stopped patronizing them. Much before 9/11 these Taliban or Taliban like elements were fighting Pakistan's war in Afghanistan and in Kashmir. Now they are fighting against Pakistan.

    Those people who are now blowing themselves up or killing ppl in Pakistan were involved in fighting in Kashmir, and Non-pushtoon areas of Afghanistan before 9/11 with the help of "Pak" Army and ISI. In Pakistan however they were doing kindnapping, auto-lifting and smuggling. For them from murder to kidnapping and selling drugs becomes haram when such activities are carried out with the label of “Islam”. Also in Punjab taliban type elements like lashkare-jhangvi and sipah sahaba caused the worst sectarian crisis in the history of Pakistan.

    If IK is thinking that if USA leaves this area and than immediately somehow Taliban and their extreme ideology which has grasped the society like cancer will vanish, he will be the biggest fool. Probably he doesn’t know that majority, I repeat, majority of our religious scholars actually consider Democracy Kufr and most scholars still teaching it in their madarssahs. Not to mention that Madarssahs raised with rapid rate after 90s and majority if not all are either funded by Saudir or by Iranians. For them Shariah only means chopping off hands, beheading people in the street and caging women. Extremism which manifests itself into terrorism is the problem of Pakistan for at least 30 years now!

    Pakistan and 9/11 connection

    No Pakistani was directly involved in the execution of 9/11. But we must not forget that at the time of 9/11 OBL was residing in Afghanistan near Pakistani border. Our government and military establishment were aiding Talibans in every possible way as for Pakistan it was part of so called “Strategic depth”. When USA asked Afghanistan to hand over OBL, Mullah Omer decided to ruin his nation for one man and was insisting on the proofs while later OBL himself professed that 9/11 was his idea! And because of its geographical position Pakistan was also asked by US “are you with us or against us”. Every patriotic leader at that time would have said yes to USA. Musharaf however because of his weaknesses agreed on too much. Thanks God we didn’t have a leader like Mullah Omer or IK otherwise our fate would not have been very different than Iraq or Afghanistan. One can argue the extent to which our military dictator let this nation sink in this War but we were not in a position to say No to USA.

    So, Mr. IK may be it is not your war but it is my fight and I'm as much Pakistani as you are!

    The most shameful aspect of the lie that this is our war is that the government keeps begging the US for more dollars

    To fight our war if world is assisting us we should not overturn it and should be thankful to the world. We on our own certainly do not have resources to solve the health and education problems of the country, fighting a war requires much more. If Pakistan is requesting for assistance than that does not mean it is not our War! Nevertheless you know that we have already lost 35 billion US$ in this war while USA or world has not given us more that 10 billion US$. When we fought against India in 1965 and 1971, we begged for assistance from China, USA, KSA and other countries.

    And we will continue our fight with or without US Support until the extremism is eradicated or we let ourselves took over and sent to Stone Age. It is not dependant on the US funds as you have assumed!

    If it is our war, why do we have no control over it?

    We will only get control on this war when we make our home clean of these extremists. When we do not let our soil used for any other country be it Afghanistan, India, Iran or USA.

    If it is our war, then why is the US government asking us to do more?

    It is not only the USA who is asking is to do more. Mr. IK Britain, India and many other countries are asking us to clean our house. When our soil is used against other countries and when we send our people to fight Jee-had in India, Afghanistan, China, Burma, USA, the world will ask us to do more and control our territory. If we won’t then they will as they are threatening now.

    “Stating that the war is costing the country more than the money it is receiving from the US. If it is our war, then fighting it should not be dependent on funds and material flowing from the US. If it is our war, why do we have no control over it?”

    “Taliban established rule of law”

    IK literally makes me laugh when he say that Taliban established peace and rule of law in Afghanistan. And they had people's support! Sir, Taliban were brought into power with Pakistani establishment and ISI and because of thr ruthless and barbaric interpreation of Islam! Mullah Omer decided to ruin the lives of whole Afghanistan and eventually Iraq over one man! I also don't buy that they created any peace in Afghanistan. We can imagine the reigh of Taliban from observing their conduct in Swat. Further

    1- They killed Iranian Ambassador.

    2- Destroyed Budha statues.

    3- Barbers were beheaded and women were lashed.

    4- They banned women education.

    5- Our football team was sent back with their heads shoven just because they put shorts while playing match.

    6- They promote Sectarianism. To be taliban you have to be sunni and preferably wahabi sunni.

    Further, one can argue the decision of Pakistan for assisting USA after 9/11 and going to the extent of becoming a front line state.

    My contention is that may be we had some options available at the time of 9/11 but now it has become our war. We either stop Talibans or let them take over. They are blowing themselves up daily in differnt parts of country. Perverting Islam and imposing their understanding on everyone else. They believe Democracy is haram and whoever believes in democracy is kafir and wajib-ul-qatal. We have to depoision ourselves and eradicate the extremism and rigidity which has been induced in our blood. I at least will fight with such people with all my energies.

    Those beardo’s who are using the name of Islam have maligned, weakened and humiliated Islam and the Muslims. They are being used by the west in a process of “Jihadi Immunoresponse” against the Muslims themselves. It is not mere coincidence that every time a Muslim nation is to be destroyed, these faggots raise their violent heads, give the EXACT pretext that the western powers need at that particular juncture in history and then conveniently dissolve themselves after the Muslim nation has been subjugated, humiliated and destroyed.