Why are we so ashamed to have Islamic Traits?

  • Why are we so ashamed to have Islamic Traits?

    I have noticed that most of the "New Age Muslims" either oppose the Islamic rules/Regulations or are quite reluctant to own them.. For Example...

    1. Hijab... This is essential not non-essential!

    2. Sketches are prohibited not permissible!

    3. Jihad is Fard not non-essential!

    4. Women have 1/2 witness right not full!

    5. Murtid's are Wajib ul Qatil and can't be just left alone!

    6. Shariah is the way of Islamic Life and not a way of terrorism or talibaans!

    Its just few of things but I am sure the list is long.. Muslims are getting divide into two extremist groups.. One who are very religious and the other who are totally non-religious...

    I think we shall all stick to our Islamic roots and not be ashamed of them and should be ready to stick for our religion.

  • @ My dear Khan Sahib,

    There is nothing to be ashamed of Islam. It is the degree and level of acceptance.

    Leave the religion as a personal preference and there would be no problem.

    The trouble started with the emergence of political Mulla who started to impose Islamic traits and rituals in every section of human life, even where it doesn't blend and synchronize.

    At my home I have Quran, Masallah, Jai Namaz, Tasbeeh, Lota for Wuzoo, Gramophone, TY, VCR, CD player,a huge collection of vocal and instrumental music, Computer, a dog, paintings and pictures of my choice at the walls and other facilities required to live a normal comfortable life.

    One of my family members listen and enjoy the Indian Classical music after performing the prayers.

    Do you think Molvi Soofi Mohammad of Swat would allow me to keep the combination of all these articles one at a time?

    A large section of radical Muslims are not ashamed but offended by the dictatorship of Mullah.

    Now is the time to settle down such confusions and contradictions through Ijtihad and common sense.

    Sky won't collapse to make music, photography, paintings, Islamic.

  • @KHAN_Sahib

    You're living in the world of 'englightened moderation'. Our people are too busy importing western culture into our country under the banner of modernization/westernization despite the fact many of norms are contradictry to our culture and society.

    There is a serious indentiy crises created by the top elite.

    'kawa chala hans ki chal apni bhi bhool gaya'

    I don't understand how u can call yourself a Muslim when you depise sharia so much. Look around on this forum you'll find plenty of those folks running around cricizing every bit of it.

    Islam and sharia both go hand in hand.

  • Can't agree more! (To the thread starter)

    If you are a religious person then you have no option but to accept islam the way it is i.e it is a fact that it is indeed a strict religion (i.e it would just not become easy by associating with it 100% munafiqana sentences like "deen mai koi sakhti nahi", or by following "iqbal ka islam", "bullay shah ka islam" etc etc, lets just admit it!

    HOWEVER, the real problem starts when semi-religious/semi-modern (or beech ki billi/relo katas) parties and people like pml-n, tehreek-e-insaaf, pml q (unfortunately mostly the mainstream parties of punjab ) want to get the best of both worlds i.e by playing the good old "Islam card" to get the support of passionately religious innocent public on one hand and by mildly supporting liberal views in order not to be labeled as Talibans or extremists on the other!

    The dilemma of Pakistan has been that it was founded by a person who was cent percent secular in nature and wanted Pakistan to be a secular state as well ( a state where you can be as extremist as a taliban or as liberal and progressive as ata-turk as long as you don't try to influence others to support your point of view by force) but the way he (quaid) fought our case left no room for him to call Pakistan Secular loud and clearly (i.e the question that the mullas always black mailed him with was ...How can you not involve religion in state matters when you in fact had gotten the very state in the name of religion?? )

    Result: Pakistan which started like any secular state was hijacked by mullas and religious fanatics the moment quaid died and as a result it became a twisted religious state which was neither purely theocratic nor purely secular and which gave birth to all kind of contradictions like talibans etc that we are still searching the answers for

    Solution: Some one has to stand up and ask it loud and clear as to whether we want to be a pure theocratic state like Afghanistan was in the era of taliban or we want to be a purely secular state where religion without having any part in state affairs only play its part in the private matters of people's life so that no 1 can becomes a chauhadry of our lives whether we lead our life in a talibanic way or in a liberal way!

    Secular state: Be what you wanna be as long as you don't interfere un-wantedly in some 1 else's life and don't take the law and order in your hands.

    Religious state: My way or a "blasphemous" highway!

  • Islam demands every muslims to follow the basics very strictly ,I think still in our society the practicing muslims who perform Namaz ,having beard ,the women who perform perda have respect in our society .but people do not accept the the kind of force in the name of sharia .

    I don't think those who oppose talibans are "non religious " I know personally people do are very religious but do not like the political or talibani Islam .for example "tablighi Jamaat" are mostly deobandi but if you ask a real tablighi about the kind of sharia and the concept of talibani islam he will condemn this one .

  • Khan Sahib,

    I think you are color blind and the entire world seems to you as black and white. Thats exactly how the talibans too see the world. They see good people (people who look like themselves) and bad people (anyone NOT resembling themselves).

    What about me? How would you analyze me? I pray five times a day (with Fajr usually going qiza). I fast during ramadan and have never missed a fast in the last 10 years. I give zakat and I also perform charity without disclosing my identity (Just letting you know that I dont do it for dikhawa). I give tuition in Accounting subjects to some of my needy relatives for free every weekend. I lie as less as I could. I never verbally or physically abuse anyone. I give my wife equal rights as myself.

    But...I wear jeans. I dont have a beard. I listen to music because Im not convinced on it being haraam. I watch movies (Not R or X rated). I strongly oppose the taliban movement and their version of Sharia in Pakistan. I have friends who are goraz and I have friends who are "genuine and educated" molvis and both of them look "normal" to me. I have a good time with both the kinds. I go to Europe on vacations with my wife. I "very rarely" also attend concerts.

    Am I normal? or approving the Taliban version of Sharia in Pakistan will make me sound more normal?

  • @sahserwani

    the fact that you feel answerable about the way of your life to a random question shows how confused and ridiculously sense less our mental state has become living in a state which is neither purely religious nor secular!

    I tell you what, root for a secular Pakistan and just keep leading your life the way you like or just simply keep telling every other tom dick and harry stories about your "combination" of prayers with jeans just because the confused hybrid society that you live in today holds you responsible and hence asks for an explanation about each and every novelty that you come-up with in your life!

  • @ucsher,

    So you mean I am a confused person because I cater to the needs of this hybrid society? You might be right but this society didnt ever demand me of charity or offering prayers in my basement. Should I quit wearing jeans and start growing a beard? Will that get me closer to God ?

    By the way, I feel inner peace. My prayers Alhumdulillah always get answered and I dont feel embarrassed when I face god while praying. Is it because I am ignorant and shameless ? or is it because I truly feel I have discovered the balance of life?

  • ignorant and shameless....when imam hazrat jaffaer sadiq used to pray his color truned because of question answer at doomsday...Prophet mohammed(pbuh) cried whole night during prayers ask ALLAH for forgiveness..this is ignorance and shamless..

  • IJay,

    Well I would like my question to be answered from someone who isn't below the age of 4? No offense though brother :)

  • @Khan Sahib,

    u wrote

    Muslims are getting divide into two extremist groups.. One who are very religious and the other who are totally non-religious...

    i disagree with you ...

    as long as my observation and personal experience is concerned.

    its the other way around.

    in muslims atleast in Paksitani muslims living inside n outside Pakistan ,majority of ppl leads a quite balanced life between religion n other sections of life.

    we do said our prayers ...we all fast in Ramdhan .

    we love to eat IFTAR and SEHAHRI .

    Umrah and Haj is the part of the future plans of almost every one of us .

    boys may hang around with modern girls with no duppatta in their necks ....

    but almost everyone ends up with marrying a NICE girl who wears not hijab but a proper shalwar qameez and duppatta.

    as long as extremist at both ends are concerned.

    they are there but in a very tiny figure.

    thats very unfortunate that they are leading the show.

    somehow both extremits are in lime light and enjoying it being there and SILENT MAJORITY leading a balanced life bewteen religion and life is performing the role of spectators .

    in my bag u can find an AYAT AL KURSI little booklet ,my wallet,a DUROOD SHARIF booklet ,my ATM card ,my cheque book ,my lotion ,my small mirror and my cupboard keys.......

    isn't it taking the DEEN U DUNIYA together?

    thats what islam talks about.

    in islam TARAK E DUNIYA is also prohibited unlike Christianity belief.

    last but not the least


    and i am not ashamed of this introduction of mine .

    no matter where ever i am .

  • Beenai according to Khan Saheb there are only 2 types of ppl , either the religious extremes or the secular extremes.. the rest of the people (and the obvious 99% majority) like you and me are "confused" individuals :(

  • @sasherwani,

    i dont think that majority is consists of confused individuals .

    they are pretty balanced or at least try to not to tilt towards any extreme.

  • @beenai & sasherwani

    I think both of you are confusing ideologies with your private lives.

    I don't have any problem when you talk about maintaining a balance of religion/ worldly affairs in your private life but when it comes to nation states and the ideologies that they support i am afraid there can't be any ifs and buts in them and they should be clear as a mirror (something that is precisely not the case with pakistan)

    i give you an example:

    In any other purely secular or theocratic state, for that matter, entities like Talibans are either accepted or rejected out rightly.

    However in Pakistan we can do neither because if we reject them by saying that they are not representing true face of islam we would be lying because deep down inside we all know that our state is certainly not running in accordance with sharia laws , on the other hand, if we accept them then, congratulation!, not only have you bought a ticket to an eternal isolation but have also proved right all those people who were yelling since ages that pakistanis are indeed breeding and exporting terrorists and extremists in the world who not only want to supress human rights (especially women rights) but want their version of islam to be implemented all over the world!

    However, had we decided that pakistan been a secular state (like our quaid wanted )then they wouldn't have come in to being in the first place (remember: talibans were an artificial creation of pak army in order to have control in afghanistan in the name of religion) but even if they would have, then we could have simply taken action against them because then we wouldn't have supported any intervention of religion or race in the matter of state! (like we do now)

    and btw: remmeber that a secular state doesn't forbid you from living your life in a particular way (be it religious, "balalnced", or liberal) but a religious state (something that we claim pakistan is)does!

    Religious State= My way or a (blasphamous) Highway! ;)

    Now tell me which state you could have lived your "balanced" life in without the menace of talibans?


    I hope i make my point clear!

  • ucsher,

    i agree that private lives are different then a nation s life and its stands .

    but in other parts of the world.

    nation made out of individuals .

    leaders are from within the nation .

    and common men thoughts being represented by the members sitting inside the parliaments .

    unfortunately out here in Pakistan ....

    masses are masses and their representatives sitting inside the parliament are from some other planet all together .

    there is zero intersection in between the thoughts of masses and the so called representatives ...who are making decisions at national levels.

    2.our representatives are all out for sale.

    so no matter what their beliefs are and how much they can go along with masses approach ...at the end of the day ...

    they have to take the decision which is according to the wishes of their AQAS.

    thats the tragedy of GHULAM countries like us .

    we are a nation divided into 3 desicion makers

    1. Govt which can only take a decision of a holiday announcement

    2. US the uncle Sam who makes all the decisions for us

    3. the poor masses of the country ..who are suppose to be THE REAL DECISION MAKERS of the country ...are no where in the decision making scenario .

    thats why u cnat see the balance in religion and other sections of life in national level stands what u find in a common men s life.

  • UCSher,

    Just FYI, I wasnt sharing my lifestyle because I am answerable to anyone, nor do I feel confused about my way of life. I just put forward a QUESTION (not an answer) to the "Tom Dick and Harrys" of this board who call my way of life "Unislamic" because it doesnt match with their Talibanic way.

  • JS and SAsherwani both are blind folded even if you help they make fun...for people like them i want quote last aya of Quran -"AL-KAFIROON"

    "You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion."

    FOR DUMMIES FURTHER translation

    "To you be your Way, and to me mine."

  • The Character of the Munafiqs (Hypocrites)

    The greatest sign of the Munafiq is his mentioning 'Allah' while he hides disbelief, rebellion and sin in his heart

    They swear by Allah that they said nothing (evil), but indeed they uttered blasphemy, and they did it after accepting Islam; and they meditated a plot which they were unable to carry out...”(Quran, 9:74)

    With the Quran’s description, the munafiq are hypocritical and villainous people as they pretend to be believing although they do not. What is worse is that they do not do evil on their own, but penetrate into the society of the believers and act as if they are one of them.

    On the face of it, the believers and the munafiq may indeed seem as though they perform the same worship. However, the believers are “those who humble themselves in their prayers” (Quran, 23:2) and earn the good pleasure of Allah. The munafiq, on the other hand, are described: “The hypocrites - they think they are over-reaching Allah But He will over-reach them: when they stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness, to be seen of men, but little do they hold Allah in Rememberance.” (Quran, 23:142) and they are subjected to Allah’s grievous penalty because of their hypocrisy and unfaithfulness. So, a munafiq does not seem to be a non-religious person “from the outside”. Rather, he is a person who says that he believes in Allah and performs most of the acts of worship.

    It must also be noted that the case of the munafiqs is quite different than that of the unbelievers. The munafiq absolutely knows the system told in the Quran. He is aware that he must comply with the commands of Allah to be a true servant of Allah. Furthermore, he attests this with his own tongue. However, what is in his heart is not the same as what he utters. The greatest sign of his hypocrisy is his mentioning ‘Allah’ while he hides disbelief, rebellion and sin in his heart. At this point, a question crosses our minds: Why do the munafiqs pretend to be believing although they do not have belief in their hearts?

    The munafiq, those who reject Faith after accepting Islam, do not aim to earn the good pleasure of Allah like the believers, even when they live among them. Having quite different a personality than the believers, the munafiqs keep company of the believers sometimes to acquire material gain, and sometimes to plot against the believers - just because of their grudge against them. Besides, there are also those munafiq who are foremost in joining the society of the believers by believing yet then lose faith and leave them. Those are the ones who turn away from Faith after accepting Islam. However, they commit a great sin as they break a promise given to Allah and the believers that they would be persistent in their Faith and be loyal to them. This is why they are referred to in the Quran as “Those who break Allah’s Covenant after it is ratified” (Quran, 2:27)

    In one of the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), it is said that “ a hypocrite, when he speaks, tells lies, when he promises, breaks his promise. They abandon the believers in a slightest moment of difficulty and side with the adversaries of the believers. Their real character is revealed in times of distress”.

    The munafiq are referred to in many verses of the Quran, and the believers are warned against them. Every believer who takes Quran as his guide and walks in Allah’s way has to be very careful against the munafiq and know their features. Because every believing community that walks in the way of the Quran is sure to confront munafiq during their course of struggle. The real reason of the munafiq being together with the mumin is not to earn the good pleasure of Allah.

    Their belief in Allah and the Hereafter is superficial. However, although the munafiq seems to believe in Allah and worship Him, he is discriminated from the believers by his slack conduct in earning the good pleasure of Allah.

    As seen, the munafiq forgets about his previous promises at the moment of difficulty and displays a disloyal conduct. He is always prone to be capsized and lose his already tottering belief. This is because he does not believe in Allah and the hereafter truly, although he says that he does. While the believers under the command of Prophet Muhammad fought against the unbelievers, a group among them lost their faith against the enemy. They started to imagine various vain thoughts about Allah and His prophet; and thus showed their real faces: In that situation were the Believers tried: they were shaken as by a tremendous shaking. “And behold! The hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease (even) say: “Allah and His Messenger promised us nothing but delusion!” (Quran, 33:11-12). On the other hand, the believers never showed weakness; and on the contrary, they were fortified in their faith. “When the Believers saw the Confederate forces, they said: “This is what Allah and his Messenger had promised us, and Allah and His Messenger told us what was true.” And it only added to their faith and their zeal in obedience.” (Quran, 33:22). Although the munafiq hope to earn profits for what they do as evil on earth, they only find distress and grief, and nothing more. “Or do those in whose hearts is a disease, think that Allah will not bring to light all their rancour? (Quran, 47:49-51)

    After turning away from Allah’s religion, an eternal penalty starts for the munafiq. This penalty starts in this world and continues till eternity. “Verily Allah will not deal unjustly with man in aught: It is man that wrongs his own soul.” (Quran, 10:44)

  • Ijay,

    Its bedtime for you go have sleepy sleepy.