PML (N) MNA Caught Cheating in FA Examination Room

  • Please read Javed Ch.'s article...

    Now its the time for Nawaz Sharif to be a role model and take the fair decision against the alleged complaint.He will have to prove that he and his party are really loyal to free and transparent justice system and wants the supremacy of the law in the Country

  • Cheap tactics ,in Pakistan more then 50 % students cheat in the exams .

  • where are you living dude , its surely not the case here in punjab!

    its not that cheating just doesn't take place here, it does, but having said that its no where in the precentages of 50's!

    and yes its time for the munafiq gunja to match his munafiq words with actions!

    the reality is that most of the pml-n members except exceptions like ahsan iqbal and two or three more people are all either parhay likhay jahil tajirs (traders) or paindu items.

    and btw you would be surprised to know that since i know abid sher ali personally, he also is a typical paindu muslim leagua who bought his bachelors degree from an infamous ghost university of faisalabad called "Al-khair university" and guess what the lucky bastard is heading "qaima committe" for education!

    So much for "parha likha Punjab"..;)

  • Abida Sher Ali and his father Sher Ali both are the most crrupt politicians of Faisalabad. Hard Luck to Qaima-e- Committee

  • nawaz sharif is also a cheater a friend of a cheater is a cheater nawaz zardari bhai bhai!

  • Javed Chaudhery wrote a very good column and now we will see what Nawaz Sharif will decide. Certainly his action will reveal his real standards...