I had a dream last night about zardari

  • He seems to be a nice guy in my dream, he invited me for breakfast and we had parathas and aloos and lassi. he was a vegetarian he hates meat, he was very kind to the poor ppl he has sent 20 kids to england for studies all fees and stuffs are paid by him from his own pocket.

    he is a very just and peaceful ruler. and all the ppl love him and they are naming their newborn babies asif ali zardari.

    I also saw him digging up the garden at bilawal house he wants to grow his owb veggies and wants to make karachi green. he said if every one grows veggies in their balconis and roof tops pakistan will be self sufficent in food in a few years. he also thought it would be good to catch the fat ppl of pakistan and press them very hard to extract oil out from them so that we can use it in our cars and busses to make pakistan self sufficent in energy.

    i dont know if these things are true as it was only a dream i had last night. i thought i would share it with all of you nice and understanding ppl. thanks. your comments are welcome.


  • You really need a life. I feel sorry for a girl dreaming about Zardari.....

    Koi standard hai larki tumhara? thakay huay log khwab mein atay hain. lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • i dont think ...

    dreaming Zardari is a bad thing...


    i am looking forward for the next episode of your dream.

    when u some how manage to kill him ...LOL

  • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


  • @larki, hope Beenai has not started feeling jealous. Don’t worry, if Zardari will not be there, Beenai use urs Benai and look for Pak Truth

    Lighter part

  • Very Good Dream. We expect President Zardari to be so.

  • larki

    Did he also propose you in your dream?

  • lols @ the dream.. nicely put i must say :)