An Honest (not racist) question to Punjab!

  • Punjab... the biggest, wealthiest and most powerful province of Pakistan

    Punjab..... from where hails the establishment of Pakistan (with in lahore to islamabad to be precise and those, who think that its not a case anymore since mians are anti-establishment now, should have a look at the percentage of punjabis in the army which btw is around 80% and the fact that even these days kayani (who, if we go by the fatwas of our mard-e-mujahids of our media i.e haroon rashids, hamid meers etc, is as away from the politics now as a pyasa kawwa from paani) phones aitazaz to give him the good news of restoration of judiciary)

    Punjab.... perhaps the most moderate province of Pakistan (when it comes to the daily life of people), provided, we take karachi out of sindh!

    Punjab, has the 2nd most liberal and educated city (after karachi) in the form of Lahore

    Punjab, whose first letter 'P' starts the name of Pakistan, a word which basically means "Land of pures" i.e a land of purists


    [Why Punjab still lacks a single MAINSTREAM secular party???, though on the other hand, a relatively poorer and smaller province like sindh has PPP which calls itself secular (even though for some one like me it is only a so-called secular party, now that they have done that infamous and controversial pact like the one in swat ), and even the most conservative province like nwfp has secular ANP working for them since ages?(now i know that they have done a secular blasphemy recently but come on at least give these poor guys some points for just calling themselves secular as it is almost like saying "kalma-e-haq" bravely in a society which perhaps is the most religiously extremist society right now in the whole wide world)

    Why, not only the liberals /seculars but even the atheist punjabis like imran khan (some 1 whose westernized antics are known to the whole wide world and some 1 who himself admitted in an interview that he din't believe in god until his mother died) suddenly become pro-islamic hypocrites when they enter into politics?, is telling what you really believe in so difficult in punjab? or is the good old "islam card " too powerful in punjabi politics to let go of?

    Why the best we get from punjab are two clean-shaven wanna-bee "mullas" in the form of sharifs? (the kind of hypocrites who want to get the best of both worlds by being "ameer-ul-momineen" on one hand, while marrying a renowned "adulterer" of her time a.k.a Tahmeena durrani on the other)..Tahmeena, the ex-wife of Mustafa khar has admitted in her popular biography a.k.a "My feudal Lord", that she cheated on her first husband many a times with khar and surprise surprise she is still the 2nd wife of maulana shahbaaz shareef. !

    Why it happens only in Punjab that the "Muslim league", which was once led by a liberal & a secular like Mohammad Ali jinnah keep getting hijacked, tempered with and abused by "streetsmart" punjabi politicians like the chahudhries, wattos, chatthas, pathas, gujars, magos, haqs and who not??, so that they can accomplish their hideous plans while selling the so-called "Islamic philosophy" of QUAID to the innocent, ignorant and passionately religious public?

    Why all the anchors of our elctronic media (most of whom, like army, just co-incidentally happen to be punjabis, suddenly become a party to issues like war on terror etc and try to keep themselves as well as public in a constant denial by asking questions like "whether it is our war or not?" at a point in time when "Tehreek-e-Talibaan-PAKISTAN" have made states with in the state of Pakistan?..yeah morons this not our war, we have just offered pakistani play grounds to both talibans and americans for this competition as there would be no cricket in pakistan for the foreseeable future

    and lastly, why all this munafiqana "adha teetar, adha batair"/"beech ki bili" drama by mainstream punjabi politicians in a land which is otherwise known as "land of PURISTS"???

    Finally, My little advice to PuNJAB:

    SAY IT LOUD IF YOU ARE RELIGIOUS (just take a leaf out of taliban book, who might be extremists in nature but earn respect as they are at least purists and not hypocrites like you )

    MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT IF YOU ARE NOT!(one should live the life with the rules that he believes in.. living, how others force you to live, is a petty death in itself)

  • well well well...

    Overwhelming majority of Punjab is mainly conservative. Voting trends clearly show that. Even the areas that you mentioned as moderate still tilt towards conservative parties. Look at the results from Lahore/pindi/Gujrat/Faisalabad/jhelum/etc in last election.They may have hypocrite leaders on the right that disrespect their mandate but that doesn't mean you start generalizing and blame all the people for that.

    As for Imran he didn't become religious just to join politics, this happened prior to him even starting his own party. After the death of his mother he went around the world to raise funds as he was passionate about building a cancer hospital in Pakistan. His life had already transformed upside down. It was only after his struggle for Hospital he thought of joining politics to server the people in a better way. He didn't have the capacity or resources available to build more hospitals across Pakistan, therefore he's into Politics to accomplish his goals. Your claim that he's doing it just for politics is very absurd. It only shows you're blinded by some hatred against him. Get you facts rights please.

    There was already a dicussion here about anchorpersons being Punjabi. Look my friend, i'll ask u a simple question. Why are all the studios not in Lahore being the capital and largest city of Punjab? It's because Islambad is the capital city of pakistan, therefore naturally they'll be based there. Now an anchorperson only appears for an hour daily. Would you have moved you family to ISB for this kind of job? Also, name a few anchorpersons that you feel got discriminated for being urdu speaking??? Another bizzare theory of urs!

    There are many flaws with the way Punjab runs the show that can be discussed but you din't mention any of them. Talk about concrete issues rather than getting bogged down into petty issues like you mentioned. It would be good for a healthy debate!


  • To add to above...

    Why don't you ask urself this....Why are all the newsreaders urduspeaking girls/guys? This might help you understand the whole thing in a better way!

    p.s: It's interesting to note that I haven't seen any punjabi making hue and cry about getting discriminated against for this job.

  • Well-done, My hats off the way you have described the Punjabi Religio cum Hypocrate Mafia confined From Lahore to Islamabad raping this country since 1947 in the name of Patriotism, religionism and now anti Americanism. Though their living God Father Nawaz Sharif was saved by Clintons and refuged in Saudi for Eight Years, who still boasts openly in speeches on his relationship with Clintons calls Obama his Hero who is still pounding Pakistan with Drones attacks. Goes and has luncheons with Holbrook in USA embassy in Islamabad but he is still regarded as patriotic, religious and anti America by our Media. He is the only leader who attacked Supreme Court but regarded as friend of justice because he hails from Lahore. He ran away from the country on Saudi chartered Plane and brought back on the same but still regarded as home boy who never likes foreign interventions.

    Look at the Punjabi Generals who have been instrumental in each Marshal- Law and I see the same filthy faces of Hameed Gulls, Chishties lecturing the nation on democracy through our patriotic media.

  • @shamwariz

    "Look at the Punjabi Generals who have been instrumental in each Marshal"

    Zia-ul-Haq was born in Jalandhar, British India.

    Pervez Musharraf was born on 18 August 1943 in Nahr wali Haveli, situated in Kacha Saad Ullah Mohallah, Daryaganj in Delhi, British India.

    So, you only consider Karachiites so called 'mohajirs'? For rest you'd like to use punjabi, sindhi, pathan, etc.


  • Mullahism is the "hot cash " in Pakistani Politics and people use Islam to stay in power and got the power .Many leaders are not practicing muslims but used islam to become popular ,IK also used this way .but This will not last for long time .sooner people will realize the difference between religion and power politics

  • I live in the heart of so called province Punjab and I am not a Muhajir. I hate Punjabi mentality specially Munafiqna from Lahore to Pindi

  • lol

    what's b/w the GT road bothering you so much?

  • Sohail I wanna ask you a question. Whatever happened in Balochistan why they attacked only on Punjabi settlers?

    Why sindhi nationalist parties always criticized Punjabi establishment? Y Frontier ppl are not happy with PUNJAB (Kalabagh)??

    & BTW musharraf couldn't do anything without CHOUDHRY's, Sheikh Rasheed, Mushahid & some GENERALS support. I am not against the punjabis, but I don't like the way they distributed the certificate of PATRIOTISM.

  • Why in Punjab there are no Baluchi, Sindhi or Saraiki settlers. Why all the retired Generals are allotted Land in Baluchistan, Sindh or in Bahawapur and Rahimyarkhan.

  • guys

    try to avoid making it a HATE DEBATE .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • "There are many flaws with the way Punjab runs the show that can be discussed but you din't mention any of them. Talk about concrete issues rather than getting bogged down into petty issues like you mentioned."

    Guys, this is what I said above. I'm not here to defend Punjab blindly like MQM followers defend their party.

    I rest my case...

    Yes Beenai we are getting sidetraked from original topic.

    Inko beenai do beena ji lol

  • a discussion is fine matter what topic is it ..

    until or unless it involves hate ......

    i am all for HEAT in debates ...

    i enjoy that ...

    but NO TO HATE ...for sure .

  • @msohail83

    {{{{{{ Why don't you ask urself this....Why are all the newsreaders urduspeaking girls/guys? This might help you understand the whole thing in a better way!

    p.s: It's interesting to note that I haven't seen any punjabi making hue and cry about getting discriminated against for this job. }}}}}

    1-No body is worried about news readers because they are virtually news reading robots who just do their duty and don't even add a single word in the script by themselves (just look how they keep repeating the sentence "daikhtay rahiyay geo news" form day 1 with out even changing it slightly and you would know how ridiculously harmless these creatures are;)

    -on the contrary, anchor persons become the point of discussion as not only do they have all the freedom to speak their minds out, opportunities to pretend as if they are speaking for the majority of public but they also define the policies of these channels now (thanks to their 5/7 appearance on the t.v and hence the popularity)

    3-Even the trend of having main studios only in khi and hence having urdu speaking newscaster is gradullay changing now (just the way the capital of pakistan was changed) and duniya and express news are the prime examples which are not only based in lhr but also have a big contingent of punjabi newscaster (no matter how bad their urdu accents might be )

    4-lastly, even generally speaking, urdu speaking news casters are a natural choice when it comes to telecasting urdu news, for the simple reason that not only are their accents more conducive to urdu reading but they also seldom do mistakes like pronouncing the urdu word i.e "qaaf" as "kaaf", "mubarak" as "mubarik", "ghunta" as "ghaynta" "mudarsa" as "mud-rissa" and the list goes on and on a

    ( btw these are all those little things that one looks for when choosing a language commentator so plz don't think that i am ridiculing the punjabi accent in anyway )

  • I guess Pakistan is the only Nation where only 5% of the population speaks its National Language Urdu, correctly.

  • Your last argument is exactly what I was expecting from you to come back with!

    Let me tell you one thing here my brother. If you go to the urban areas of punjab, you'll find that most EDUCATED girls hardly have any accent speaking urdu. I could agree with you most punjabi men have a thick accent while speaking urdu but then you have examples of Dr. Pirzada, Talat, Kashif, etc.

    Most newsreaders are women so that's really not an issue.

    Secondly, you got it so wrong. Do you realize the information in Pakistan is so very fluid these days. Breaking news 24/7. It does allow the newsreaders to actually ask questions from their guests over the phone and they enjoy full freedom. So, you have a weak argument there.

    If they are unable to ask tough questions then its shows their incompetency, nothing else.

  • @msohail83

    bhai don't tell me how punjabi girls sound since i am actually living in faisalabad (its funny how most of us mostly end up thinking of any one who is criticising punjabi in anyway as a karachite ) , so i know all about punjabi girls and their accents ;), yes they are relatively better than men but the words that i mentioned are actually pronounced in the same way by the female anchor persons of duniya and express!

    • yes today's media is 24/7 and yes the news readers improvise every now and then but if you think that the margin of improvising that they get is in anyway equal to that of the badshahs of channels a.k.a anchor person then i think you are seriously exaggerating the whole thing (which i guess even you know that you are);)

    anyways i would rather not get in to this good for nothing discussion about accents, chances, hue and cry etc and want to know if you have anything more to say about my original question i.e why not any secular mainstream party in punjab when we all know that the difference of opinion is a beauty of any pularalistic and educated society which i am quite sure punjab is!??

  • i don't believe in this crap that skills are restricted to your cast or language .....

    if a punjabi can be a good anchor or a advertiser or a marketer or a banker or a doctor.

    he should do it .......

    and if i am not capable of competing him/her.

    i should not be jealous out of him and should use ethnic difference to prove myself a victim .

  • @beenai

    can't agree more..

    just want to say that i only gave my reply to a question started by msohail83

  • well, I told you the reason. Secular parties in my opinion will fail miserably unless you can bring forward a person with charisma like Bhutto.

    I'm not exaggerating anything. Newsreaders work in shifts, so they actually have a lot more time infront of camera than than anchorpersons. If they don't learn from it, it's their own fault. They get plenty of chance to get people of different parties online to take their opinion.

    Most of them are young and aren't even educated for this kinds job. They are holding degrees in computer science and reading news for us. No background in history and stuff. Maybe that's why they get nowhere!