"pakistan conned america" Fareed zakaria

  • indias propaganda campaign is in full swing in US. every week you can find anti pakistan articles in magazines and more than half the authors have indian names. It doesn't take much to sway the american public really, notice the cheers when Stewart jokingly suggests India should invade Pakistan


  • john actually exposed zakaria by his single sentence

    "This is the time , Attack Pakistan!"

    i actually took it with a pinch of salt instead of being paranoid about it !

    i mean its not the first time pakistan has been portrayed like that by some 1, it actually a trend now and with every passing day more and more people are getting convinced about it

    But hey! why do we care as to what people in the other parts of the world are getting convince at about Pakistan??

    "We are already too busy convincing the likes of sofi muhammads and baituallahs: ;)

  • India is our enemy...

    and so called peace song singers should review their strategy of thinking about DOSTI AIASA NAATA.

    friendship cant be a one sided thing .

  • Fareed was an A$$ and John "pretended" to slash Pakistan just so he could take Fareed's true Indian colors out. The book is nothing but a Anti Pakistani melodramatic propoganda.

  • A brown slave pretending to be american.He is showing his loyalty to his pay maters the jews.A fraud and pimp.Worse a freaking INDIAN..That is punishment enough for this fraud.

  • good news everyone. did you guys see the ad haqqani put out for his lost balls, well apparently he found them


  • Hilarious!!!

    i am laughing my ass off!

    damn!, after watching this it actually feels like we are "5ucking" with them big time!

    and those stickers carrying mullas! ...hahahaha

    'GO Taliban GO'... and that's when you are actually jamat-e-sunnat guys protesting against taliban???..now i know our english was 5ucked up but not to this extent!

    But wait!!! aren't these the same guys who actually made naats in english which go something like that ....

    Sweet Sweet Madina...Meetha Meetha Madina !!

    lmao, priceless!!

    these guys really do some hardcore english translations from urdu!, don't they?