12 MAY 2009 strike call : MQM VS ANP SHOWDOWN!

  • tAKE OUT yourGUNS..GET AMOO...LOGIN TO 9ZERO..lets play counter strike!

  • well said Ijay... Lets see what is gonna happen on 12th May...

  • poor ppl will die - becz both parties will kill innocents

    poor ppl will starve - due to strike no job for labourer

    poor kids will suffer - no school no education

    poor country will suffer - no work, no education, no income, no tax, higher debts, weak currency, higher cost of imports - inflation, less export

    poor will suffer - less production higher prices higher debts

    if all these politicians have feelings and understanding of pain ppl have to go through and cursing they get they should do something to

    1. sort out matters

    2. work double hours on 12th may and donate all money for betterment of city/ poor ppl

    3. help widows/ poor ppls

    4. or atleast clean city

    a best gift from a father to his children is education, hadith-e-nabwi. I am confident these jahil politicians have no father

  • Common man has no importance in this world he is there to be killed robbed and paid taxes all over the globe.

  • @ Ijay,

    Bachay things are bad all over the world but nowhere is such an ugly combination of lowest literacy rates, high poverty, lack of justice and legal systems, high corruption, poor infrastructure, almost nil tax collection and evil leadership existant (except maybe Zimbabwe). Dont try to make Pakistan's current situation comparable to "this world" as we are approaching the lowest rankings in this world.

    The sad thing is that instead of helping the needy, generating positive ideas, preaching on the importance of literacy, hardwork and hope YOU MULLAS are spreading hatred and anomosity against your fellow countrymen who happen to be less conservative than your MULLA brothers. Not only are you wasting your energy (because the only person you can successfully brainwash is someone dying from hunger or a 4 year old) but your making things even more and more difficult in the middle of a severe global recession.

    Now go change your diapers.

  • 12 May 2007 came with a bloodshed for karachites.

    12 May 2008 passed peacefully .

    12 May 2009 is coming up with rumors of mayhem and more bloodshed then mau2007 ....

    Allah rahim karay .Ameen

    but the ppl of karachi are badly afraid of this date now.

    and the so called champions of karachi are participating in the strike with full zeal.

    i dono...

    against whom they are registering their protest through this strike?

    as ANP and MQM both are the part of Govt itself.

  • In last day capital talk on geo, when hamid meed ask ANP leader, will you take back call for strike if MQM take it back, then their reply was not clear and same was repeated for MQM leader, but not a clear answer from both of them. this shows the hate in both the parties have in their minds. GOD keep us in peace, otherwise dont know what they are going to do with poor people of karachi city.

  • the tragedy of the ppl of Pakistan in general and ppl of Karachi specially is that

    none of our leader is sincere with us.

    they do not concerned about us .

    they give a damn about awam.

    zero level of sincerity .