Can we ask All Non muslims to leave pakistan? Mere Mutabiq

  • Just mere Mutabiq! Alama Iqbal ka khuwab (Muslamno ka pakistan)

    Importance of Jazia..

    Demanding Jazia is right or wrong(Tax you need to pay if you want to live in muslim land ) Plz also note that Muslim rulers

    never disturbed minorities because those countries were conquered by islamic Army.

    While Pakistan and ARABIA was not conquered but created so both have different significance as compared to other Muslim countries so asking JAZIA is correct as per Islamic law.

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    plz elaborate!

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  • To be frank with you it is (if you go strictly according to sharia laws)in fact if i am not wrong even sahabas took it from non-muslims (but then again its that no-go area of islam where normally the so-called moderate muslims of pakistan (people who actually try to prove that running a state through religion is plausible) don't like to go because this is something which is very hard to justify logically in the present democratic and free world of nation states! (just as flogging is)

    by the way do you know something else ?

    In islam if a non-muslim converts to islam (using his free will and logic) and then converts into some other religion he is wajib-ul-qatal and in fact hazrat umar (MAY GOD BE PLEASED WITH HIM) even killed a person for the same thing!

    Now what i can't understand is that you never mind (in fact you encourage) when a person uses his free will and logic to enter into islam but once he is in islam you actually put a restriction on that very ability (i.e free will and logic )of his which was actually the means of geeting him in to islam, so much so, that you don't even mind taking his life for it??

    now what is it if not double standards?

  • what kind of question is this?? Pakistan does not mean "Lailaha-ilalah". This country is not only for "Muslims"! Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and other have lived here and will live here for ever InshALLAH! No one has any right to force the native ppl to leave their motherland.

  • @fahim

    fahim actually the guy is asking about it in the light of sharia and i am afraid i have read about incidents where the sahabs have taken jazia from non-muslims!

  • @uscher

    Every one has free right to be muslim or non-muslim. Anytime s/he wishes. And only s/he is responsible for him/herself no one else.

    I'm not a scholar but I don't believe there is any restriction put by Islam that if you left Islam than other muslims have right to kill you.

  • well i don't want to dwell on such a sensitive topic any more but i actually had a fight with my university's professor on it because i was just not able to digest such a horrendous fact so i know what i am saying!

  • @IJay

    just came to my mind that the host of jawabdeh did a program with Dr israar ahmed long time back in which he actually admitted in front of him that in a pure islamic state non-muslims are actually secondary citizens who should pay jazia to muslims for their safety and stuff!

    try youtube and some other communities and you might get your hands on that video!

  • fahim23

    40M people killed for ISLAM..thousands of daughters,wives and mothers lost ther honor for this struggle they sacrificed their lives for islamic Pakistan those who said pakistan ka matlab kia..

    is not La ila ha ilalha are betraying their sacrfices those who live in pakistan have no right to abuse those who struggled for own famly sacrificed its family member for this cause..You borned in pakistan and now say pakistan was not created for islam who the hell are you to decide why pakistan was created you were not even there i have people in my family who fought at that time for pakistan it was created for everyone this is absolutely bullshit and i will not allow anyone to say my family sacrificed for piece of land! ...

  • @ucsher

    During prophet's time it is reported that in some battles after conquest, all men were beheaded and women ensalved! Can we imagine doing this in this age??? At the time of prophet and much afterwards, human trade was a norm, keeping concubines were common, ass kicking of kings was considered a noble quality...can we imagine these things in these times?

    Quran has allowed to buy and sell humans but is it a religious duty to continue that tradition?? Certainly NOT, neither it is any religious command like "Thou shall sell and buy humans". We need to understand that such things are not Religious duties they were just social norms adopted by prophets and other ppl of that time. Since we don't live in that societies, we should not and cannot follow that!

  • Fahim23

    Read my post when you conquered land rules are different when you create land rules are different! pakistan was created not conquered by muslim

  • @Fahim23

    well my friend this is the very delimma!

    majority of muslims are "lakeer ke faqeers" who consider any fiddling around with their religion and the history of it as an attempt to distort the religion itself

    plus, the situation is made even more complex when we come across hadiths of prophet where he declared islam as "deen-e-fitrat" and "deen till akhirat"

    anyways, i am not really a religious person (and yes i say it loud and clear ) and have become sick and tired of discussing such petty stuff time and again so plz let me get off the hook on this one (plus, i don't wanna get banned on my very first day on this forum either);)


  • @IJay

    Your parents sacrifices are appreciable but they don't give thm, you or anybody right to force out the ppl who have lived thr for centuries! Well bro if you thought this will be only land of muslim then you and your parents have mistaken. You and your parents are more than welcome here and you are living here now since decades and enjoying all the facilities. But at the same time I'll personally defend the Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and my brothers from other faiths who have lived here long before you or your parents.

    How different you find urself with Jews who use similar logic like yours that we have suffered for centuries now it gives us right to kick the palestinians out!

    It was very unfortunate that from Karachi abt 500,000 hindus with thr families were forced to leave thr homes in the name of Religion after being killed, raped and tortured.

    You can please and satisfy yourself with the thought that your parents sacrificed for some idealogy. I don't mean any disrespect but the fact is it was all about piece of land and power.

  • FAHIM23


    excuse me founders are welcome in their own homeland!

    what is thsi crap pakistan there bcoz of bangal and hindustan

    panjabis vote for unionist sindh for congress and nwfp and

    baloch want independence!

    are you dreaming first read about the history of pakistan

    then say anything else here

  • @IJAY:

    Eik baat batao Ijay, tum aisey sawal jaan bhooj ke kartey ho takey koi na koi tumhari beizzati karta rahey?

  • @IJay

    You are very ill informed about Sindh. PML was able to form government only in Sindh in existing Pakistan. Sindh assembly was the first assembly who passed the resolution of Pakistan.

    Balochistan never wanted to be part of Pakistan they were occupied!

  • As far as I am concerned, Pakistan is a country for all religions of the world, including Qadiani.

    For the state, all of her subjects are equal and are therefore treated in the same fashion. Any attempt to negatively discriminate on the basis of religion should be discouraged and in the end...screw Taliban, screw baitualla and screw Sufi Swati.

  • @bsobaid

    way to go dude!

    we need more people like you, lets make pakistan secular, a state where equality rules and not any race or religion. (something that was visioned by our founding fathers )

  • @Fahim:

    With regards to Ijay you should have just left it at: ..."You are very ill informed"...

    Lol lol and more lols Ijay Sahb