Shortage of Elecricity/Power in Pakistan even in 2009

  • Dear All,

    Shame on us that our government(s) were not able to solve the power shortage problem. Its 2009 and we are still blaming our preceding governments.

    Our great minister Raja Pervez Asharf (who even dont know how to talk and behave gently) only blame the previous government or make false statements.

    I think Raja Pervez Ashraf should be fired immediately.


  • i dont know.. what sources he has.. that he is claiming.. load shedding will be ending by the end of 2009.. seems a uphill task to accomplish

  • shortage of electricity is the problem which is most disturbing and making complex the economic crisis.

    only keep blaming Mush to no to do anything...wont help to generate electricity ....

    we first need to over come our lavish expenses in terms of energy..........

    i find all the street lights of main shaharh Fiasal and Chundrigar road open ...on my way coming in the morning and going back home.

    no matter its day light or not...

    all street lights are kept open...

    Mana kay GHunday leaders ka shaher hay

    but we dont need to be that careful to keep our street lights open in the day time too.

  • agar aik ghanta age karne se 250 megawatt bijli ki bachat ho sakti hai


    3 din age ker k hum bijli export ker k bohot revenue kama sakte hain??????

  • @F ali,

    and if we advance ONE WHOLE YEAR in our calendar..

    we can be self sufficient in power generation to the extend that we will start electrifying our leaders .

    making them sit on electric chairs ,labeled with their names.