Is Pakistan well prepared to handle and manage the disasters like of 2005

  • Have we learned any lesson from the past experiences and made our country and nation capable to face any disastrous situations like 2005 earthquake?

    Comment please....


  • No!

    That government (as much as I detested it) did an excellent job post the Eartquake. Though you still see channels creating propogandas on how so many areas were never paid attention yet the facts cannot be denied that the Quake had no effects on our economy due to immediate rehabilitaions, relief and rescue efforts. The government, the media and the nation were together at that time and they all worked hard to get us out of that chaos.

    The current government (Zardari to be precise) is way to greedy. It will eat up any funds raised by the nation. Most of the people wont even give charity because of zero faith in Zardari and the crippled economy.

  • @MF,

    as a nation we strongly believe in REACTIVE MANAGEMENT .

    PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT is out of question and maybe HARAM in our school of thoughts .

    so let the bridge come...we will cross it somehow.

    or will ask ALLAH to help us out again .