A prayer for my people

  • While I advocate military operation to obliterate Taliban in Swat, I also think about my poor, innocent, hard-working people of Swat who have to suffer and leave their lands and graves of their loved ones to save their lives and get shelter.

    I sincerely wished for peace accord to work but Taliban did all they could to destroy peace in this lovely valley of mine and on the other side America pushed our army to fight against the Taliban so American interests remain protected at the cost of hunders of thousands of my people becoming refugees in their own country.

    Blame Taliban, Pak Army or America - in the end my people suffer, our own people suffer. Our own Pakistani brothers and sisters and children suffer. Think about the little children who went to their schools last year but they can not this year. Think about all the fun they had in their schools playing cricket, pakram pakrai, racing, gilli danda and now they cant have all this because of this war. Think about all the mothers who would wash their children school uniforms, iron them, bathe their little sons and daughters, wake them up in the morning, feed them with breakfast of chai roti and send them to school. Think about the moments when little angels would say Khuda Hafiz to their mothers and fathers before they step out of the door for school. Think about how my little children would run and race on their way to school. Think about how their dadi and dada and nani and nani would give them dua'a before these little angels would leave for school. Think about the father who would work all day to earn just enough to feed the family and send kids to school. Think about the dreams of a father when he sees their little angels studying and working hard. He must think his little childern will become all grown up one day and then he would'nt have to wake up early in the morning and work all day. He would stay home and relax and his grown-up kids would work to earn roti. Think about the mother who saves rupees for their sons education and daughter's dowry. Think about young boys who would wander around the house of their love just to get a glimpse of her. Think about the chowk where all old men would gather in the morning.

    All this is gone. My people in Swat are now leaving their homes to live in tents. The houses they built, the houses their father and grand fathers built, they are leaving those without knowing they would live to see them again. Think about little children who would see their mother and father packing up and leaving for unknown destination and wondering why they have to leave thier own home. She might think they are leaving for a picnic or to see their relatives in the city but then he would see tears in the eyes of her mother and father and wonder why are they so sad.

    These children are our own children. These men are our own brothers. These women are our own sisters and mothers. These elderly are our own baray abba and dada and dadi. This is not happening to them, this is happening to all of us.

    I pray and I sincerely do for my people. I pray for peace to come back. I pray for my children to go back to their schools. I pray for my men to go back to their work again. I pray for my women to run their houses again. I pray for my country to be peaceful again. I pray for all this bloodshed to end. I pray for my Swat to become a paradise again. This is a big test for my people but god knows we are not strong enough for all this. I pray to god to not test us anymore. I know our god is all merciful, I beg for mercy. In coming days, I see blood, I see hunders of my people getting killed. I pray god to stop all this and dont test us any further.

    With love and pain, To my people in Swat from their brother in Karachi.

  • good post. very sensitive. tell us what can we do to help you?

  • Infact we are surrounded by so many confusions about this operation and taliban agenda that we are not clear that what to do and who is on the fault to do the remedy. govt says something different, media says different, and actual siuation is far most different as known the some peole on pkpolitics.

    best way is to protest peacefuly, but who will hear our voice, Government, Taliban, Media or USA?

    All these are parts are the bueaty of Pakistan which is now burning in fire and it feels very painfully that what are we doing to our country for which of forfather give their bloods to have their independant home.dont know where to go, but still have a hope that someday there will be pease Inshallah in every part of Pakistan and in whole world.

  • Unfortunately, what is written in the original post is now reality. Please help these poor displaced people as much as you can in the name of humanity.

  • Message from people of pakistan

    Ask money from president zardari who is on world tour while people killed we already paying for our life in pakistan buying petrol rs 57 and purchasing roti for 10 rs with no subsidy.Ask these SOBS nawaz and zardari to give some thing form their pocket or from aid they are getting from USA.

    people of pakistan are already dying because of inflation and hunger committing suicide and burning alive ..pleas we are helpless we can't help any one else!