Who should be our leader in this time?

  • I want to know that in todays' circumstances, who will be the best leader to leade our nation to success.

    It is just kind a poll.

    Give names with some Justification (If possible)

    From my side

    Imran Khan.......

    I know many of us @pkpolitics call imran khan the agent or somehow supporter of taliban. I cant say anything like that but i like him and his attitude and the way he looking at things,


    only one thing which i think is negative in my sense, that he sometime became emotional,but i called that his seriousness to the problem or topic.


    We have experienced many of existing parties and their so called leaders but should give Imran a chance to prove himself a true leader.

    Lets see what you people respond to this...

  • who has got SPINE .

  • Imran Khan is one of the most dangerous threats to Pakistan. I appreciate his Oxford degree, I shall always praise him for his cricketing leadership and I admire his efforts for building the Shaukat Khaanam Hospital. But the fact of the matter is he openly backs the extremist Mullas and the Talibans (You can find a 1000 videos on youtube of him kissing Taliban's asses). Another thing I find increasingly disturbing about the "NEW" Imran Khan is his hypocrisy. He preaches along with the Maulanas wearing kurta shalwars and gets into a Zegna suit when he lands in London. He talks about simplicity and ethics like a Mulla without a beard and then parties here in Dubai with Eastern European drunk ladies at the Grand Palace Hotel?

    Do we really need a schizophreniac confused personality as our leader? Isn't Zardari doing a bad enough job already?

  • we should change the whole system and start from scratch.

    we should think 100 years ahead.

    get young boys and girls from all over the country and groom them to be honest sincere just and without hate. train them to be the collective leaders for the future where equal rights are given to men and women and equal opportunites to all sects and religions. until then all keep on re-chewing you paans.

  • One thing about Imran that this nation has been yearning for is his crediblity.

    Regardless of his views on things that people could agree or disagree with one must not ignore he's honest.

    Our problem has been the corrupt system. If he can come and clean up the mess, given his track record of transparency, he wil atleast spend the money where it needs to go instead of swiss acounts.

    For me, he can be a savior.

  • I think there is only en only 1 prsn in pakistan's politionz en he is no other then Imran Khan...

    inshALLAH he will lead us 1 day..

    he made us proud in cricket world...

    inshALLAH he will make us proud being a pakistani...

    i don't c anythin wrong ov his support to talibanz... En more than 80% ov the ppl ov pakistan r supporting talibanz only the Media en the uppr class ppl r against them bcoz they know that they r wrong if islamic law starts in pakistan we can't do anythin ov our choice... other then that only those ppl r against talibanz who don't hav brain or who don't use brain.....

    But to your answer IMRAN KHAN is the 1.....

  • HONEST????????

    IMRAN KHAN ????????????

    By the way who introduces BALL TEMPRING in cricket???

    Who introduces MATCH FIXING in cricket?????

    Why he expelled out QASIM OMAR from the team ????? (narcotics reasons)

    I know these are small things but leader's past will be nation's future.

  • @F.Ali

    You guys are simply blinded by the hatred of either love of ur own party or other ethnic reasons.

    Look at it in a big picture.

    Things you mentioned here compare them with the corruption of MNA's, let alone the leaders!

    I look at his achievements that are FOR people. I'm sick and tired of all others for looting this nation.

    Hope you'll get ur little mind out of petty issues. Good luck

  • @F.Ali

    Would you please mention your contributions for this nation?

    It would have been very easy for him to live a lavish life somewhere in Hawaii and be a celebrity. Go all over the world for commentaries, write columns and make loads of money, but he decided otherwise.


    cuz he's greedy, dis-honest, corrupt, power hungry, Taliban, and all other allegation! No wonder this nation doesn't get nowhere!

  • our leader should have Guts to say what is required to protect the rights of the people.

    our leader should have spine to stand against international community if they wanna pressurize us and pose a threat to our national interest .

    our leader should have brain to act smartly and to do what it takes to be a GENUINE LEADER.

    last but not the least

    he has to have a BRAVE HEART ...

    i hate BHAGORA LEADERS .who leaves their nation in danger and go London,Suadia or Dubai.

  • to prdpki!

    "i don't c anythin wrong ov his support to talibanz... En more than 80% ov the ppl ov pakistan r supporting talibanz only the Media en the uppr class ppl r against them bcoz they know that they r wrong if islamic law starts in pakistan we can't do anythin ov our choice... "

    80% of the ppl ov in pakistan r supporting talibanz? where do u get your statistics from? Pentagon? Barely 3-5% of the population supports talibans that too from the illiterate classes or the extremist mulla-type classes. Please do not present to the world such a Jaahil image of Pakistan for God's sake.

  • WOW amazing!!!!!

    Just look at a moral standard we set for ourself. He admitted on media that "mai ne to kabhi nahi kaha k mai ne paak saaf zindagi guzari hai". He is moally corrupt.

    He's always talking about ENGLISH judiciary, SWISS Judiciary, are these judiciary systems better then the judiciary which our prophet gave us 1400yrs ago???. I've never listen islamic judiciary from him. Slowly he's trying to digest us that we were far better in BRITISH rule.

    M.SOHAIL try to open your eyes, do not consider him as a loyal to Pakistan. He is a british agent alongwith altaf hussain, but britisher assign both of them the different targets.

    P.S & plz do not get JAZBATI try to digest the facts that he is morally corrupt.

  • "He is a british agent alongwith altaf hussain, but britisher assign both of them the different targets."

    Subhan Allah. You've convinced me with that statement!

    I'll vote for you now :-)

  • Thanks

    All i wannna say that we need a politician like ABDUL SATTAR EIDHI. Who is volunteer, sincere to his work & humanity, sincere to pakistan & loyal to Pakistan

  • In order to decide as to who should be our leader what is of utter most importance is that first we decide as to whether corruption is the biggest menace that we are facing right now or the confused mentality when it comes to decide what should be the role of religion in our society!

    1-If its Corruption:

    Then fine, Imran is the first person that comes to mind, even though i wonder how just having an honest leader at the top would solve the problem when we all know that its actually our entire corrupt system that needs to be overhauled.

    I mean if you talk generally then even Musharraf was no iblees when it came to corruption (i mean lets admit it, he might have been accused of one or two monetary scandals here and there but he was no zardari or qarz utaro mulk sanwaro kind of hypocrite by any means) and he did try to get rid of the corrupt system in his own way even though he failed big time.

    so i don't really know what wonders would a naive person like imran would do just on the basis of his non-corrupt background!

    2-If it is our indecision towards the role of religion in our society: (which in my humble opinion is the biggest threat)

    Then i am afraid having imran as a leader would just be a continuation of the same confused and two faced hypocitical policies that our army and political elite have been carrying out since ages in the name of nationalism, pride and religious passion!

    I think the crisis that we face in terms of religion could be over with in two to three years provided we just take two or 3 really strong and unpopular decisions and promise ourselves that from now on pakistan instead of being the so-called "Islam ka qilla (castle)" (which actually turned out to be rait (sand) ka qilla when the real test came ;) would just be a peaceful, progressive welfare state!

  • I did'nt find any name other than Imran Khan in all the posts. so no one except IK?

  • DDD,

    Well yeah IKs name was in every post but half of them were just opposing him.

  • Honestly Speaking you guys should consider me to be the leader of the country. If you guys become united for me, we together will change the image of country and will lead Pakistan to strive on the road of success and prosperity.

    You see I have not made any corruption and I am a clean person. If still you don't vote for me then you will simply be repeating your grievances again and again in different forums.

    Cheers :)

  • I trust you, Mr. Zingaro.

    Please post your manifesto, policy and slogan at the forum.

    Also let me know when and where you plan to organize a Long March

    Who knows you could be the right person?

  • I think Zardari is and should be our president. IT doesn't matter what are the allegations on the said person, atleast he came through a political process, how questionable it may be. Zardari and comapny should try to cleanse Pakistan from Taliban and other violence as it is scarring the national psyche beyond disbelief.