Just taking a poll to see for whome the bell tolls

  • are you with or againts the talibanisation of pakistan?

    stop running arround the bush and show your real colors.

    I am totally against them.

  • i am dead against them.

    indeed i am against all EXTREMIST .

    on both sides of the Xs.

  • I'm for enforcement of sharia but condemn the Taliban approach.

  • @msohail,

    then which approach?

    maybe u can guide Taliban?

  • I am against the Pakistani Taliban as they are agents of INDIA, USA & ISRAEL.

    But I am the huge supporter of AFGHANI TALIBAN because they fighting against the EVIL forces on earth. & MULLA UMAR already said that "HAMARA TEHREEK_E_TALIBAN PAKISTAN SE KOI TALUQ NAHI HAI"


  • @Beenai

    The problem with the guys trying to impose sharia is they are either uneducated or ill-informed about the issues.

    To them Sharia means harsh punishments and enslaving women. For some reason they never get beyond that.

    They don't even realise much of the punishments were prescribed as a detterance.

    Need of the hour is to get all the scholars (excluding extremist mulllahs) to put their heads together to try to build a consensus on broad basis then promulgate it througout country.

    No to all violence, period!!!

  • i fail to understand whats the way out from this MAZE of terrorized Talibanized situation?

    nobody seems like to understand the need of the hour and trying to show flexibility .

    Taliban seems like have a strong backing of many sections of society including certain army circles ,establishment fundos and some foreign as well as internal political figures too.

    and Govt seems like helpless and not at all interested to help it out too.

  • no religion in state matters = giving such people no logical reason to have any right of implementing their rules in the sate.

    as long as you keep fiddling around with your constitution with half religious/half secular approach you would neither end up here nor there, besides, such groups would keep appearing on your national scene and keep trying to dictate their terms by exposing the lack of consistency in your laws!

    on the contrary, you could still run paksitan by the essence of islamic teachings since we are a nation that is 90 % muslims, so for instance whenever some 1 tries to go strictly against islamic teachings i,e by trying to make pubs or allowing liquor etc 10 out of 10 times your parliament would not let it happen!

    so why not instead of running pakistan as an islamic state on the paper we should try making it secular on the paper and run it by islam practically??(that way even our enemies can't point a finger on us for being biased a state which is only inclined towards its citizens with a particular religion! )

    but i know that's never gonna happen because we are a nation who just love to "show" that they are islamic, no matter how un-islamic they are practically! i.e we are attracted by pure rhetoric and not actions!

  • Fully agree with you "ucsher".

    First we should try to impose sharia on our own body, then we think for others.

  • AGAINST all shapes and sizes of the Talibans!

  • I fully support islamic Law for justice

    I put concept of enlightn moderation ,musharraf model and kamal ata turk model under my feet.

  • Hey kid IJay,

    Seems like not only r u underage but u also suffer from a reading disability. Noone asked you on what kind of law for justice you prefer. The question was if you support ur brother talibans r not.

  • Go to hell

    sasherwani kid like me can produce 100 like you

  • Founder of pakistan Quaid azam eid message 1945

    Every Muslim knows that the injunctions of the Quran are not confined to religious and moral duties. Everyone except those who are ignorant, knows that the Quran is the general code of the Muslims. A religious, social, civil, commercial, military, judicial, criminal and penal code; it regulates everything from the ceremonies of religion to those of daily life; from the salvation of the soul to the health of the body; from the rights of all, to those of each individual; from morality to crime; from punishment here to that in the life to come, and our Prophet (S) has enjoined on us that every Muslim should possess a copy of the Holy Quran and be his own priest. Therefore, Islam is not confined to the spiritual tenets and doctrines and rituals and ceremonies. It is a complete code regulating the whole Muslim society in every department of life, collectively and individually."

    Muslim League Conference on November 21, 1945, he said:

    "We have to fight a double edged battle, one against the Hindu Congress and the British Imperialists, both of them being capitalists. The Muslims demand Pakistan where they could rule according to their own code of life and according to their own cultural growth, traditions and Islamic laws."

  • You know what is the proble of pakistan i tell you in one line!

    Those who are at the helm of affairs and claim to be so called pakistanis(in Pakistan) are the ones who never participated in its journey."

  • ijay you have hijacked my question its off topic does islam teach you that?

  • larki

    people are condeming sharia.. i will not allow them to do this

  • IJay Kaakay,

    Noone's "condeming" sharia in this topic. You were just asked to stick to the topic. One day when you'll grow up you will learn the meaning of "spamming" and thats when you will realize how under-age your posts sounds.

    As for one kid like you producing 100 like me, lol, i have three things to say:

    1. Kya tum molviyon ko bachay paida karnay ki ilaawa kuch nahi aata?

    2. Your still 4 years old, so you will have to wait for another 14, 16 years before you get married and have kids... but wait.. you molvi log get married at like 6 dont you?

    3. If you do produce a 100 ppl like ME (after you grow up), those 100 kids will hate YOU and your TALIBAN brothers for the rest of your life? You sure you wanna get into this???

  • I am OK for Taliban, as long as the come and kill all dirty politicians and their families.... and the let the democracy rule

  • i am dead against Taliban and their extreme MODE OF ACTIONS.

    and i strongly feel that Islam does not support that kind of FORCEFUL IMPLEMENTATIONS.

    there was no such actions we found in the books of islamic history that after getting successful in capturing a non Muslim area ...Muslim conquerors had started blood shed and imposing islam or sharia by force....