Signs are soon there will be crackdown on media and the news channels again

  • The situation of Sawat and other tribal areas , Baluchistan and Karachi (on or before May12) there will be another crackdown on the media and the prominent new channels will be seized or made off-air.

    The para-military type encounter will soon be converted into one to one battle between the Talibans and Pak Army as the result of extensive pressure on President Zardari excreted by US Officials.

    Please comment...


  • media is the step kid of every Govt.

    all political parties ...

    when they are out of house ...

    they feel sorry for this step kid ..being treated badly.

    the moment ....they come into the house.

    they finds out why the step kid needs to be kept his mouth shut ?


  • @Ijay,

    as usual.

    u always supports what majority of members oppose.

    u just wanna be different?

    or u r DIFFERENT?

  • Beenai you could also do this crack down as per IJAYs wish. Start deleting his posts and start the CRACKDOWN.....we are with you, here you go ...... lolz

  • @letsdoit,

    i would have done it...

    if i am not afraid of getting as much of popularity as Mush and PPP govt has got due to their censorships and crackdowns.

  • dear readers this is very dangerous point in Pakistan History we can't allow media to take decision related with Pakistan.It means if anyone can control our media they can do anything in Pakistan.we can see how long march organizer uses media against government.we need to reduce power of media

    otherwise our enemies can also avail its services to accomplish anti Pakistan agenda.We want media person to be analyst not decision maker..