Who supports chaudharies and president?vote

  • plz vote

  • i dont support anyone at all, because no one deservs my support. the only hope i could see was with imran khan, but since he decided to boycott the elections there is no one else deserving among the crowd. the lawyers should start their own party. ill vote for them.

  • i wana see is there anyone who supports those?mran is premature guy.he dsnt know what to do...he wants to keep everything...he wants to be religious as well as liberal...good thing is civil society emerging....and you can see lot of women working and fighting

  • well in islam u have to be a moderate, both religious and a liberal. u should not be an extreme of any kind. so if imran is trying to be a moderate muslim then good for him.

  • but he is following same religion parties and he was elected when he was supporting mush...he was after altaf then he quit...he is not man of his words...and he dsnt have good view...he dsnt has clear ideas...he is just activist

  • anyway talk about chaudharies and mush

  • the chaudaries r noting but corrupt undeducated, jahil people.

    how can a person who cant even communicate be the leader of the ruling party, and the same guy become and interim prime minister.

  • you are absolutely right...they put non political people in politics and true politicians went back...behind the scene....these chaudharies and company deserve only counselor of union council not more than that...state bank reported 53 arab rupees put down by chaudharies and company...and we got 3 prime ministers...wow...thats our fate dude

  • ya. only if all these politicians somehow get killed, or exported somewhere else away from pakistan, and better just patriotic and fair and honest leaders come on to the scene, i am sure pakistan will go from the failed state to a successful state in a few years.

  • but you know establishment wont let it happen..what do u think?i think even its not in hands of true politicians...you have seen what they did in 21st century with justices,constituition...honestly i am disappointed totally

  • ya true. the whole establishement is screwed up. we need a new system. the 1973 constitution was supposed to prevent all wat has happened. to the leaders amending the constitution has been like playing with toys. they did it at will to suit their needs.