Altaf Hussain ka telephonic khitab to Punjabis

  • He is addressing to the people of Punjab in five districts simultaneously.

    Geo is broadcasting it live....

    Do they (MQM) have any future in Punjab???

  • GEO IS NOW MQM TV CHANNEL..BS as per advice from USA

  • MQM has no future in sindh also if some take their guns back all sindh people to vote without fear!

  • lol Ijay

    one thing I dont understand is how they had 20-50 people in a drawing room and geo was showing LIVE pictures from multiple cities!!!

    Is MQM paying GEO or u know wat..... lol

  • Yes GEO has this sign afrer recession... FOR RENT!



  • Its not actually GEO News fault,actually they are based(Headquartered) in Karachi so they have to watch out for Karachi based mafia gang MQM which can easily wreck and mess up their lives and properties and kidnap their journalists and transfer them to MQM's torture cells that are still operating in Karachi.

    MQM cut cables of GEO and ARY for not giving coverage to Altaf's Speech

    Journalists and protestors both Men,Women kidnapped and transfered to MQM torture cell from Karachi Press club and tortured and thrashed and manhandled.

  • Wah Altaf Bhai .. telephonic leader...please Pakistan aa jaao ... Pakistan ko aap ki Karachi mein Zaroorat hay ... Aa kay qaum ko lead karo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thanks for the vidoe link D0ct0r. It confirms my doubts!

    Well well well....shocking to say the least!

  • If Mqm has any chance in Punjab?; No!

    If Mqm has any chance in punjab by buying the ultimate lotas of punjab when the mundi is at its full joban and by giving them some name like PML$34$#2334?: You never know!

    But i guess Altaf Hussain is not that creative otherwise he should have renamed himself as Mian Altaf Hussain Chauhadhry by now!

  • Why do we give so important to MR ALTAF BHAI..HAVE YOU EVER SEEN

    indian media and people talk about dawood ibrahim so regularly!

    Its our fault we gave him fame by giving him too much importance! to his words,speeches and statements

  • @Ijay

    I know it for a fact that one of the reasons that altaf doesn't come to Pakistan is because his own members don't want him or rather let him come (why would they spoil all the fun and freedom that they are having in his absence by inviting him when every thing is running smoothly even in his absence)

    over the period of time he has lost his real control over the party and has just become a fatherly figure for the party, some 1 who earns respect but no real authority any more!

    In short: Now he is just as good as his last speech! ;)

  • yesterday i was reading one of his statement running on ARY. Altaf hussain will never let taliban take the control of Punjab, they have to go over his dead body lolz i have never read such a freaking statement.

    Its the same Altaf Hussain who is crying that karachi is under talibanization and he is not able to do something and the same altaf hussain is threatning talibans to get control of punjab....JOKER

  • The real reason why is Altaf Hussain afraid of Taliban..

  • wow so you guys really want Taliban in Punjab? I would hate to see that happening..... you know bombing gunship helicopters right around lal Killa and neighborhood... u kow around Phajey ke Paey...

  • Altaf knows that his popularity is going down very fast.

    no matter how much they pretend otherwise .

    that's why he wanna grab the national party position...

    which seems a too far fetched and almost impossible mission for MQM.

    almost all Urdu speaking have started hating them and has closed their doors for that mafia.

    then why he expect for other ethnic groups to follow him?

    they are a ethnic violent group.

    and they will remain be.inshallah

  • Telephonic address ... violence thru voice:))))))))

  • Those women who listened to the Long distance telephonic pir Altaf's speech protested and raised slogan against Altaf outside Faisalabad Press club when they were not paid Rs2000 and the Food that they were promised by MQM's organizers .

  • The time has come to liberate Punjab especially Lahore from the yoke of PML-N. This would require an armed struggle.

    One day, the ganja brothers will be hanged on Mall Road in front of the Punjab Assembly.

    I am anxiously waiting for these PML-N goons to be put to death. My city Lahore is under oppression of these traitors.

  • at one end ..

    they say Imran is not at all popular .

    on the other hand .

    they are afraid of him like anything.