Zia Agents keeping low profile

  • Yesterday there was suicide bombing and killed many people but no one condemn

    and 2 soldier were killed by taliban but every one silent .

    Now Operation started Qazi ,Imran and every one is silent .

    But when they will find any issue which will go against the government then they will start shouting ,they are waiting for drone attack to protest but they do not protest against taliban and suicide attacks

  • zia, mullah, jamat phobia in full swing...

    lol netengr

  • lets pray that at least these guys remain silent kyonkay jab inka mun khulta hay tu sab ko in ke mun se taliban ke rdx, barood ki badboo arahi huti hay per yay itnay shadeed denial main hain k us ko bhi apne mujhaid bhaiyoon ke taraf se tuhfatan diyay guai "mouth freshner" ki khusbo samjhtay hain!