My Duty is to share Religious Info with all Readers

  • My duty is to share religious info with all my readers.

    whatever info i have i want to share it with everybody here.

    If my information is incorrect please convince me i will correct myself but if i am correct please accept as a contribution in enhancing your knowledge.

    For ALL those people who accuses me for distraction and diversion from real issues!

    Lets have one Reality check!

    When you born the first thing you hear from your father or eldest family member is ADHAN..and when you die they offer namaz..

    state funeral which includes Pakistani flag and national anthem before burial is only entitled to statesmen.

    Not every Pakistani has this honor!

    I hope this will satisfy all my critics and foes.

    Faith is more important than patriotism in your life!

    so BE A MUSLIM FIRST THEN PAKISTANI ...This is the reality of our life!

    I hope after this post nobody will ever accuse me for distraction from important issues here.

  • if its a political related religious info please bring in

    such as

    Who killed Hazart Ali and Hazar Fatima (R . A )

    Period of Hazrat Usman and nepotism

    Kharji Fitna

    Karbala, a mismatch / miscalculation

    Birth of Shia Fitna and Sunni Fitna

    Who really Started the Politics after death of Hazar Mohmmad ( PBUH)

    I like to know what my fellow Muslim think? just 2 scared to ask Alim/molivi ....just dont wanna fall at

    KAFIR level...

    ALLAH MEREY GUNHON KO MAAF KAREY jo main ney janey or anjaney main kare....... Ameen

  • You are trying to make a bitter almond taste like sweet by sugar glaze.

    Though the intention of the founders was noble and positive but no religion is perfect.

    Allah or God is not author of any book.

    Had Allah written any book there would have been only one final and comprehensive book.

    There would have been no Gita, Torat, Bible or Quran

    All the religious books were compiled and written by the genius persons of the time and Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) was one of them.

    We don't loose anything by showing our respect.

    All the learned scholars realize and understand the reality but don't have the courage to declare and don't want to go out of business.

    Every religion has some useful principles and advices.

  • @Ijay,

    thanks for the info...

    but tell me....

    do u wanna say that every political topic needs to be discussed with religious perspective?

    and do u really think that its possible too?

  • @Shikra,

    as far as my limited knowledge of religion is concerned .

    there are 4 Holy books and we as muslims has to have our faith on all four as the part of our AIMAN E MUFASSIL.

    these books are called ILAHAMI SAHIFAY ...

    it was revealed on chosen ppl of Allah .

    and was written later by the followers of the messangers.

    all other 3 books has lost their real information as there has been to much of changes being done with them.

    thats why Allah has protected the information of Holy Quran ...and not a single word can be changed in the Holy Book.

    inspite of all changes in the previous books...

    we still find some common factors in between all four.

    all religions refrain the mankind to kill each rape the women .to steal things .to be nasty .to do a fraud with some one and preaches about truth ,peace ,forgiveness and love .

    in almost all books ..we find the Adam and Eve incident.

    though details has been different.

    in all religions we find a DEVIL ...

    in all religions we find the anti forces against prophets .

    basics are the same .

    some called them Adam ,Jesus ,David,Mouses ,Daniel,Abrahim and some call them AAdam ,Essa ,Mossa ,Daud ,Daniyaal and Ibraheem.........

    doesn't it proof that all book source was the same?

    the center of info was the same?

    and it is nobody but Allah.

  • This post is deleted!

  • One more stupid thread.. Beenai please close this as it has nothing to do with the politics. I am sure in few days this scholar will start telling us how to pray and how to sneeze?

    for shikra:

    I know many people in the world are having this believe that nothing comes from God but we muslims, we have firm belief that our Holy Book is a word of God. There are many dialogues on it so starting a new dialogue is useless.

  • @Ijay,

    do u wan me to close it?

  • Beenai

    i Explained in main post reality of life so no need to worry about these critics its very easy for letdoit to criticize others but justifying his criticism is not possible for him.

    Beenai also note that this chit chta not gupshup not political thread just ignore mr letsdoit

  • exapakistani!

    why don't you start these debate i will definetly contribute but i never start any debate which brings shar fasad and fitna here on this forum

  • To be honest and fair I don't believe that Gita, Zaboor, Tora, Bible, Quran and Guru Granth Sahib are from God, but I don't argue to negate for the sake of peace.

    I don't want to annoy those who have gone addict and believe in such super natural activities.

    The label of God, Lord, Allah and Bhagwan is pasted to make these books attractive and acceptable.

    There are so many logical. scientific, historical and actual evidences to support my point of view.

    (This debate was first initiated during the era of Abbisite Caliphate, by the sect known as Maotazillah.)

  • Ijay

    bachey then keep ur Religious duty out of this board.... this is pkpolitics not pkislam etc...

  • I don't know why Beenai has allowed this thread which is just a personal thread of self propagation!

    Do I F****N care that what is your religious Duty??? We all know what our duties are and a premature Googleee kid like you can't teach other but just to create "Fassad" and divert people from more important issues!

    Also I think its a waste of time to reply to these threads!


    Please refrain from making religious comments about Quran or Islam if you don't follow the Deen! A non Practicing Muslim or a non believers are the same. I wonder if you go to hindu,christian and jew sites and share your pearls of wisdom?

  • Ijay,

    you are a shameless behaigrat insaan.. as you yourself have stated that you are a shameless begharirat and you need to apologize for useless wastage of bandwidth !

    Israaf haram ast!


  • Ijay, shame on you.

    You can be a good muslim and a good pakistani at the same time. A good Pakistani is a good Muslim. If you are doing good to Pakistan you are also doing good to your religion.

    People like you raise such questions to advocate Talibaniat. People like you try to convince people that we should let Taliban take over and oppose Pak army operation by saying Islam comes first and Pakistan next.

    What you really wanted to say was Taliban comes first and Pakistan second. If we have to support Taliban at the cost of Pakistan we should do that.

    Operation against Taliban is good for Pakistan and good for our religion.

  • IJAY

    why every one is saying shame on you and BTW why i am also thinking the same?

  • sach karwa hota hai jub kurwa cheez khani paray tu usai thokna hi parta they are spitting..i dont mind