President signs Ordinance to fight Cyber Crime

  • from AGABBIP ( ) thanks to Tee Emm for translation

    Accused could be jaied for up to 3 to 10 years and/or fined up to Rs 100,000 to 500,000

    IT Tribunal to hear cases under section 193, 228 of Penal Code Pakistan 1960

    Islamabad (Sardar Sheeraz Khan) President Pervaiz Mussharaf has promulgated an ordinance to fight cyber crime under which accused could be jailed for up to 3 to 10 years or fined up to Rs 100,000 to 500,000 or both. Under the ordinance promulgated on Monday here, a tribunal with the name of Information and Communication Technologies would be set up to hear case of crimes registered under cyber crimes. The tribunal would work under section 193 and 228 of Pakistan Penal Code 1960. The tribunal would have the status of a court and will work under section 480 and 482 of Pakistan Penal Code. The tribunal would comprise of seven members, headed by a Chairman.

    According to the text of the ordinance, accessing any electronic system or electronic devices without permission would legally be a crime. Similarly, accessing, destroying, hacking and sabotaging any criminal data set up by any organization or the government, or committing a fraud using an electronic system or Internet, or making unauthorized changes, or using someone else code or password to access information, or to harass anyone using Internet, or to transmit immoral matter or images, or using electronic system, device or Internet, or to participate in a terrorist or destructive activity are all legally crimes for which imprisonment of 3 to 10 years or a fine of Rs 100,000 to 500,000 or both have been suggested as the punishments. This ordinance will be enforced across the country immediately.

    who will decide what are "immoral matter or images"

    and what would be the definition of a " a terrorist or destructive activity "

    would writing something against his higness musharraf be considered a destructive activity like it is on the TV now.

    If you remember after the Prophet(SAW) cartoon controversy the govt. of Pakistan banned all of blogspot including all pakistani blogs the majority of which were actually criticizing this disrespectful cartoon.

    I see this as a sign of growing censorship and media ban in the future. we are heading into a draconian martial law.

  • this is probably a result of all the looting and trashing that was done of government infrastructure.

    I have family that work in telecom in pakistan. Everytime these junglees protest, they go break thousands of dollars worth of routers and switches.

    I'm glad they passed this ordinance. I hope they punish all of the junglee protestors.

    Also, i hope you know musharraf is not the person that writes these ordinances. He just signs them into law. It is your elected officials that create these laws

  • actually this has been long under consideration as this post from sep 08, 2007 from a prominent blog shows

    "breaking routers and switches" is not part of "cyber crime" I am surprised you don't know that.

    The absence of cyber crime laws is not a good thing but there are certain things that need to be cleared up first. A lot of vague words have been left undefined in the ordinance which can be twisted later by the govt. to ban any anti govt. speech.

    Pakistan govt. needs to clear these up and also maybe hire a few people to keep the govt. websites updated which are poorly made and then left there to rust.

  • after re-reading the first post, you are right. this ordinance deals with online crimes.

    im pretty sure the US passed a similar law in the past couple of years. You have to have these measures in place as the older laws dont apply.

    but i have to ask, arent the people that create these laws and ordinances, elected officials?