Imran Khan!

  • I will get a chance to meet Imran Khan today at the Pakistan vs. Australia cricket match (since we're both in the same box). Does anyone have any questions that he/she wants to ask Imran? I will ask him just one question on behalf of you guys.

    IJay please keep your copy-pasted hadiths to yourself. This has got nothing to do with religion. If anyone has a POLITICAL question plz pass it on to me.


  • how the ex Zia agent approach him and trynng to make their representative .

  • ask him, y did'nt he visit the sawat, if he feels so much sympathy for the people of sawat.

  • When he is gonna

    1. Challenge NRO & other amendments in the constitution? now Judges are restored so no treats of partiality

    2. Drag & and filling cases in Supreme court to put a ban on MQM? as he claimed he got all evidences...

    3. Visit Swat/FATA/Baluchistan...

    4. Why his kids are studying/growing up in West instead of Pakistan to the exposure of Pakistani & Islamic culture

    Whats the reasons he delaying the all above?

  • @sasherwani

    Ask him to immediately hold elections within his party. What is he doing to reach out to the rural popoulation? Does he have any plans? Does he take into account that majority of the population resides in rural areas? He should speed up membership process.

    Ask him to stop participating in talk shows and get involved into strengthening his party to penetrate in vast areas. Does he have basic education requirement for membership?

    Why is he taking retired armed services people on board?

  • This is another way to make Imran Khan populer ..but this is use less effort now .Imran has proved that he is stupid guy and cannot become a leader .

  • This Man never called fazlullah ,baitullah mehsoud ,and other taliban as terrorist .

    he never visit taliban occupied areas .

    He used to say that there is no such thing as "taliban : in pakistan this is all government drama .

    He say about one education system but his kids are studying and living in UK .

    He started to learn about pakistan and politics since 10 years before he did not even know any thing about it .

  • @sasherwani,

    ask him that one side of Imran is liberal ,bold ,oxford qualified ,modern and cultured ....other side of imran is the GHAIRAT MAND MUSALMAN kind of personality...who is supporting the most irrational political force labeled as Taliban.


  • Why his kids are studying/growing up in West instead of Pakistan to the exposure of Pakistani & Islamic culture. one side he is criticizing West but at the same time adopting the west.....

  • @Beenai

    can you elaborate a little bit ??

    what do you mean by liberal, modern life? He enjoys a celebrity status in much of the world. Most outsiders know him for his cricket career not politics.

    Are you saying this just cuz he dresses up in suits abroad?

  • only one thing i like about imran his firm stand against MQM .

  • I think he should now file case against MQM in supreme court.

  • @LetsDoIt

    Ask Ms. Amna janjoa (the spokeswoman for missing persons & some 1 who also supported lawyers movement vehemently) about it and you might consider filing even your own cases in the dar-ul-qaza of sofi mohammad rather than filing it in the "newly 'dealt' with" supreme court of "born again" Chief justice.

    why do you think that all those who made Chauhadry their "Dream Girl" at the time of lawyers movement are all of a sudden not very vocal on this once in a life time success of theirs?

  • I am not asking that Altaf should be killed or kicked out of the politics. My demand is free and fair trial after which Altaf could come out as a clean man.

    Why MQM supporters are so against courts and free and fair trials.

  • @msohail ,

    modern means his over all lifestyle as a celeb.

    he prefer a modern lifestyle for himself but support an orthodox school of thought for others .


    i would vote and make every karachitie vote him ...

    if he does this.

    i am ready to forgive and forget every negative about imran .

    if he somehow manage to do this NAIK KAAM.

  • Imran Khan was so confident about altaf case but now he is silent .I think he was just a jazbati guy ,he did not study the laws first .

    According to IK the hi party is the 3rd in NWFP (what a joke ) but the do not visit there .why ???

    I like to know how often he meets with hameed gul ?? daily or weekly ??

  • Imran Khan was so confident about altaf case but now he is silent .I think he was just a jazbati guy

    Can't agree more!

    You know even if we give him a benefit of doubt for supporting a dual/confused ideology, one just can't ignore the fact that even as a political leader he seriously lacks intuition, hunch, shrewdness etc, the kind of traits that are "must haves" for any successful political leader

    i mean just look how...

    -He did the blunder of supporting Musharraf in his early days something that he regrets to this day

    -Then he committed the mistake of not taking part in the last elections since according to him they were going to be rigged big time under musharraf( but later the history proved that much to his surprise the last elections were regarded as one of the most neutral elections in the history of pakistan )

    Lets hope that he would start regretting even this mistake after 2 or 3 years;)

    -He made Chauhadhry his "dream girl" only to know that when the real time came to score his points on this issue all the credit was taken by the wily Nawaz and he wasn't even considered when they were calling off the long march (the look at his face when he came to terms with what actually had happened was priceless!)

    it was a typical case of " yay bichara shaddi main kursiyan hi lagata reh gaya aur doli koi aur le gaya"

    3-He was so over confident about winning his law-suit(s) against Altaf in the beginning and now he is as quite on this issue as he is on iftikhar's issue (because lets admit it every major thing in pakistan is the way it was before despite cj's restatement)

    4-Finally, Just when he was trying to turn the unfortunate incident of his "restriction on entering karachi" into an opportunity of showing his strength (by announcing an "insaaf aman" rally ) he was allowed to enter in karachi as if it was just a mischief of bigger parties to measure his level of patience , so the moment he tried to use this whole thing in his favor, they actually kicked him out of the lime light as if he never really existed!

    So in short: a leader just doesn't need to be an honest person (the only thing that his supporters could hype about him) He should also be wily, cunning, shrewd, genius enough to play the dirty games of politics, after all, whether we like it or not but "real politick" is no gentleman's (or rather) "gentle" game like cricket! ;)

    So lastly, my humble advice to Mr. "Naive" Khan : Take your politics out of the drawing rooms of these talk shows, concentrate more on the rural population of pakistan ( as that's where the real votes are) rather than on teenagers who are just impressed by your sheer charisma and good looks and could only support you on good for nothing internet based forums and who knows you may get somewhere in a decade or so!

  • Most of the Imran supporters are under 25 and they are (Mummy daddy) kids .PTI is a kids club

  • keep on dreaming dude, its good for your hate filled mind

  • @LetsDoIT

    hate filled minds?

    as far as i know i just mentioned all the incidents that actually happened with him, so why all this wrath and hatred all of a sudden?