Do tv channel pay to the invited political people?

  • I want to know that are the invited people to different program and discussion are paid by tv channels? or they are freelancers spokesman to the govt and their parties?

  • Dandy,

    i think otherwise.

    as dumbest losers as they are ...

    i guess they must been paying heavy bugs to the channel management to call them and make them popular being in lime light you know that none of the TV program is more popular than a current affair talk show these days.

    by the way

    what do u wanna know out of this info?

  • no they are not paid though i think imran khan actually brings his own chair with him and sits along side the guests that these talk shows invite at his own! (even if he is not invited););)

    just kidding, i just hate it when khan sahab, without realizing one bit that as a leader of a party he should show some restraint while coming to these good for nothing talk shows, is sitting on them and is fighting with the secondary leadership and ordinary M.N.A s of big parties

    every other day!

    He should at least take a leaf out of his friend Qazi's book who even after retiring certainly knows that as a leader of a party he is not suppossed to be having fights with takay takay k m.n.a s, analysts on these programs (which now provide only entertainment and nothing else 24/7 )

  • UCSher,

    I agree with you and I admire your observation on this issue.

  • @beenai

    for nothing, just to know for info...