Zardari in U.S.

  • In yesterday's brief press conference with Hillary Clinton and Karzai, President Zardari looked very much under pressure. He said that people of Pakistan stand with the people of USA. Why is That?

    Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked a question to Zardari on our nukes which I believe Wolf should not have asked in such a blunt way. He asked, "Are your Nuclear Weapons safe"? I mean how can a media person no matter how much smart he or she is can ask from any Head of State such a question on a TV show?

  • sami,

    yes they can ask.

    if u make them think that WE ARE THE SLAVES .

    if u make them believe that we can bend our knees to plead everything .

    if u make them assure that we are the stooges.

    then their Tom,Dick ,Harry can ask you blunt questions like this .

    its all about What Image u wanna carry ?

    Zardari is a Corrupt ,lowest respected and 2 number man ..

    and globally known as Mr.10% .

    everybody knows that he has no respect .

    globally least respected country and lowest level of human as a president.

    unfortunately we have.

  • Wolf is a zionist israeli agent bastard.He should have asked why does israel have s nukes and no christian in the west has the balls to tell stop this fraud.Pakistani nukes are for INDIA ISRAEL one more threat no more this fake country.OK JEWS.