Zardari letdown the whole Nation in USA

  • please listen talat hussain today, i could not agree any more with him. In the name of democracy, for the democracy, to uplift the democracy, in the light of democracy this was all what he was talking about instead of telling the pakistans position in this war and highlighting the effective role pakistan is playing for this.

    The way how hillary beheaved was disgusting


  • Talat Hussain episode was superb.

    but my point is that

    Talat Hussain might had some hopes attached with Zardari ,as Talat is a PPP fan anyways.

    but to me ...

    its not letting down.

    Zardari meri tawquaat pe pora utra hay.

    i was expecting him to be as dumb ,as slave minded as useless and as spineless in front of US president ,as he was.

    he was all praising to Hillary and US for the democracy ...

    coz he knows that his return to Pakistan ,NRO,his wife murder hence giving him a clean path to the Presidency is all decided by US US has made favoarble conditions for him to come back n rule as President .

    no matter how much they harp about mandate inside Pakistan..

    but outside Paksitan..its a reality that they have to admitt ,that Zardari is President just coz of US .

    so if he was looking OVER BURDENED with favors of US .

    it was OK for an opportunist like him.

    who has ZERO concern ,what it reflect to the image of the country ,he is representing as a President.

  • Beena

    Its not a matter of some one hopes, it was pride of the whole nation which a president carries. No matter you are supporting him or not, he is representing you at the highest possible level and the pride offered to him is the pride offered to whole of the country.

    So this was talats point i dont think so that he was only criticizing because zardari did not come up to his expectations.

  • i got the point what Talat was trying to make.

    but my point is this

    can we expect apples out of a tree..which is not an apple tree?

    if Zardari is a loser and we know that he is not a politician even ...he is simply a black money can we expect him to act wisely or at least some how manage to control his slavery feelings towards US at this point?

  • But we should express our point of view at the same time. This is actual democracy. democracy is not only a word which he speaks 10 times in one sentence, democracy is not only conducting elections. Democracy is implementing the will of the people, sharing the power with the people.

    So he has to know if the people of pakistan are on-board when he is letting down the whole nation or not

  • @Letsdoit

    Only if we can think like that! For us we cannot stand anyone who slightly differs with our pov. We quickly start accusing, abusing and defaming him/her. I dont' understand why are we so in-secure.

    Taking the complete responsibility of all existing problems in Pakistan, I want to highlight that some things have turned better too in Pakistan by this very same governemt on which we need to focus to induce sense of achievement and self-respect. For example:

    1- We are in position to export Wheat and Cane now whereby last year we faced the worst crisis of these two basic commodities. Last month I read the news the agricultural debts have increased by 15% this year that means we are going to see further improvement in our agriculture sector.

    2- Ruppee against dollar is largely stabilised and Stock market has jumped back to 7000 points from 5000 points. And it is increasing.

    3- Currency reserviors have surpassed 11 bn $ Rs which are equivalent to 7 month import bills. I must point out here that most of it is because of AID that we have got. Rest is from public tax and overseas PAksitanis.

    4- To improve law and order situation in NWFP, the government has gone extra mile to meet the demands of insurgents and therefore made infamous Sawat Deal, but now it is cornered to start full scale military operation in those regions. But till this day Government has failed in restoring peace and maintaining law and order in troubled areas of Pakistan.

    5- On Balochistan issue, this government has taken huge steps like 57 bn Rs package plus 17 bn Rs dept waiver for Balochistan govt, release of over 250 missing persons, removing all the political motivated cases from Akhtar mengal, Harbiyar marri and releasing them, but against the 62 years long crimes committed on Baloch ppl these steps are like pinch of salt.

    6- Overall parliamentary culture has been evolved and largely PPP govt has taken every political force along with it. Even today relations with PMLN are not as they used to be in 90s.

    7- They have started the biggest welfare support program for poors in the history of Asia in these troubled times of world economy. Also they have lifted ban from employment and are hiring thousands of people in Police, Education, Health and other sectors.

    8- For energy crisis they have started Mangla Damm project and Wind projects in Sindh and Balochistan. Wind projects can be executed in 6 months and they will add new 500 MW of power into existing pool. Beside the circular debt that was over 150 bn Rs on the Wapda and oil companies (main reason of power shortage), about 60% of that is paid by government and that's why the duration of load shadding has been reduced to 50% from 12 hrs a day to 6 hrs a day in major cities.

    If this government failed to deliver than we all (not just I as PPP supporter) will suffer and likewise if this government succeeded in taking the Pakistan out of crisis it will benefit us all.

  • Fahim

    Its not being un-secure. Tell me please where i am wrong.

    1- The loss in this war faced by us is more than US. Is it true or not? Should zardari mention this or not?

    2- Rehman malik is representative if Govt or not? Has he said in the senate that india is involved in balochistan or not? he also criticized the presence of Indian missions in afghanistan or not?

    So keeping this in view zardari signed a trade agreement to facilitate India or not??????

    3- Drone attacks??? our parliment which he call supreme, passed one resolution against this or not???? dont zardari thinks of even mentioning this in his press conference. is it fair or not????

    4- You have seen what is written in kerry-logar bill. do we have to accept this aid or not????

    5- Zardari is representing the pride of whole nation or not??? how Ms. clinton behaved with him should be acceptable for the people of pakistan or not?????

    Most of the point you wrote for this Govt. are coming from the BLOOD MONEY he is getting from US and for which he is again there to sell us.

    for God sake its not about a party, its about a country. Its not criticizing PPP, its criticizing the policy makers of PPP. Its not about replacing PPP Govt. its for replacing policy makers of PPP. Its not criticism only for Zardari, its for the team behind him.

  • @Letsdoit

    Now you are raising serious points. I am open to debate on these issues.

    Brother, Self respect is earned! I don't think any country who begs for Aid and relies on debts to pay its bill should demand sovereignity.

    first thing that I would like as Pakistani to do is immediately secure our own territory and should not let it used against Afghanistan or any other country, and next I will say good bye to USA frm its War on Terror.

    On your raised points let me remind you that

    1- Government's Stated position is tht in this war of terror Pakistan has lost 35 bn $ whereas it has received only 10 bn $. Beside more Pakistani soldiers and civilians have died thn Americans combined in Iraq and Afghanistan and 9/11.

    2- The transit trade agreement is signed between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Giving the route to India is on the tables it is not decided yet.

    3- Are you suggesting that Pakistan should deny the Aid, I can't make that decision! I think Pakistan needs AID right now. It is matter of survival.

    4- I felt much ashamed when Zardari was sitting and smiling in the donor's conf in Japan! That was much more shameful to me!

    PS: The miger money we are getting in terms of AID from USA is not even enough for War on Terror!

  • What do you think what should government do next after repeatedly saying "Drone attacks are assault on our sovereignity, passing a resolution"?

    IMO to stop drone attacks, I think we have two options:

    1. We must take the responsibility that our soil will not be used against American forces residing in Afghanistan.

    2. Or we should hit them down risking full scale war with USA.

    Please enlighten me with other possibilities if thr are any in ur mind?

  • if we are not in a position to fight with them...

    then still we can register our displeasure ...

    at least show our concerns over it.

    should not say THANKS for drone attacks in front of TV cameras at an international level press conference .


  • @Beenai

    How else can we say when our parliament passes the resolution. And President and PM has repeatedly expressed thr concerns over drone attacks being counter-productive. Few example statement are here

    President Asif Zardari: (In recent USA visit)

    Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, who is in New York on connection with a UN interfaith meet, has told a foreign news channel that the US drone attacks are violating "his sovereignty".

    PM Yusuf Raza Gillani

    Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has called on the United States to halt its drone attacks against al Qaeda and Taliban fighters on Pakistani soil and warned that the missile strikes were fueling militarism in the country's troubled tribal border region.

    "If there are any drone attacks these would be counter-productive... Therefore we ask that if they have credible and actionable information, they share it with our intelligence agencies and we will take action ourselves."

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  • @Migel9

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  • Mr. Fahim

    I am sorry to say that you post was argument less for me. You were not even able to answer a single question raised by me. here comes the response to what you have posted.

    You said that whether we should deny the AID. I repeat on such terms and conditions we should deny it. We dont need such an aid which is on the cost of our sovereignty. So what should be do.

    One American general in his own statement admitted that they have killed around 700 innocent citizens of Pakistan in their drone attacks. Based on that statement we should demand a compensation for this. This would be a loud a clear message to US that what is our point of view on drone attacks.

    You think that they could carry on this without the support of Pak-army. You are kidding me. They know their capability and they will not in their remotest dream could go without the help of pakistan. If we are their need then they should commit to our terms and conditions not we should accept their terms and conditions and even those conditions which are against our self pride.

  • and please stop this non-sense that our parliament is supreme and it has passed a resolution against drone attacks and this is all what we could do. Shame on such a prime minister and president who are helpless even their whole parliament is behind them

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