• PM address the nation and declared the WAR in SWAT AND MALAKAND DIVISION .This situation is now or never.

  • PM is making a big fool out of himself. He's acting as a spokesperson for ARMY.

    They had already launched operation and now he comes on TV to tell us when the whole world knows about it. What a dummy!

    ARMY once again proves that they are in full control of matters and they have these puppets sitting there to give it a democratic civil look ...

  • TODAY I recall what president Bush said after 9/11

    we will take this war to those who perpetrated and provide sanctuary to our enemies.





    and list will continue to grow :O)

    Faces will change but their policy will remain same to root enemies of USA.

  • Army operation is the last option after this we have no option left but to open doors for USA ARMY in pakistan.

  • KhAN

    Do you believe that PAKISTAN ARMY can defeat them when when logistic support is coming from INDIA,USA and Afghanistan how can win when we can't stop those routes.

    This was their last step USA wanted them to take MR YAHA khan did the same in 1971 instead of cutiing ties between india and mukhti bhani then sent troops see what happened bangladesh is now no more part of pakistan..we never learn from History now all advocates of war in pakistani media

    mark my words will cry after this action few weeks time!

    but i think its too late for pakistan! we did a same mistake once again! ALLAH save us from its consequences!

    I can only see complete destruction in Future!..mere mutabiq

  • Operation is not the solution

    So Police should stop the operation in Liyari and bring Rehman Daikait in national assembly for speech

    Operation is not the solution tou gujran walay kay daikhton say muzaakrat kiyeh jain ,

    Opeation is not the solution so say criminal jo police operation main pakray gayeh hain un ko reha ker kay baat cheet ki jayeh .

  • har shaakh pe mulla baitha hay, anjaam-e-pakistan tu yahi hoga!!

  • Lal Masjid mein swat ka bacha loog mara tha, ab swat mein aba loog bhi maray ga!


  • Ijay on similar topic is saying.

    When Pakistan Army is still fighting in buner and lower deer how can you open one more front in swat? who is exerting pressure on you..who is telling you to commit suicide.Who is forcing you to don't disclose who is cutting Pakistan's root.

    Please MR GILLANI will you care to answer these questions ?

    Mere Mutabiq:I think that 2 week deadline given by USA was real and we can see its effects now!

  • Kuch bhi ho jayeh Government ko support nahi kerni hay ,Koi na koi angle nikal ker lana hay government kay khilaf .

    I do not support PPP but I see this is national issue .All failed parties just looking some error from the government just to become populer in public .I appreciate Nawaz Shareef who is the popular leader in opposition but he is agree with the government on national issues ,this is the sign of good and loyal leader .

  • @netengr,

    i totally support this action against Taliban.

    i indeed think...

    that it is a bit late.

    it would have been done before we could have managed to save many innocent lives and mental peace of many citizens.