Pitching Sikhs against Muslims By Zaheerul Hassan

  • The Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh few days back showed his concern over Sikhs Pakistani citizens living in Orakzai Agency were allegedly asked by Taliban militants to pay “Jaziya” for their protection otherwise leave the agency . As per media reports Taliban militants had taken over the shops and homes of the 35 Sikh families and arrested community leaders Klank Singh and Sewa Singh in the Ferozkhel area of Lower Orakzai Agency for not obeying the Taliban instructions. In this regard Pakistan foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit said that Islamabad rejects the Indian concern while saying that Sikhs community of Orakzai Agency is Pakistani and government is there to defend their basic rights.

    India should know that Pakistan is already taking care of welfare aspects of minorities and looking after Sikhs brothers in an excellent way. Here, I would like to suggest to the government and concerned political agent to find out actual hands behind the issue and also investigate that why only the Sikhs community have been targeted, whereas no threat have been posed to the other minorities like , Christens and Hindus residing in NWFP . The reason is very simple that RAW has planned to pitch Sikhs against Muslims with a view to create rifts amongst them and also to divert the world’s attention away from Hindu’s communal violence. In this way India is trying to kill two birds with one stone. Raw has directed her planted groups of so called Taliban to enforce “Jazyia concept “of Islam on Sikhs community in FATA, Swat and Buner. Moreover, there are reports that Extremists Hindus are making colossal efforts of repeating the same plan again in the region, which have been launched by their elders in 1947. For this purpose Hindus extremists are using the nefarious tactics of sprinkling hatred effects between Sikhs and Muslims through launching media campaign and undertaking covered operations. As result of Hindu Extremists planned move at the time of partition, riots started between Sikhs and Muslims, thousand of Sikhs and Muslims were murdered and beard losses to their properties. Hindu was the only beneficiary community during 1947 riots. Hindus extremists prepared the plot to eliminate Sikhs and Muslims communities because of their self generated fear of emerging of two more future states i.e. Muslim Bengal and Kalistan. However these poor communities are now very much aware of “Hindu’s Extremists Plan of elimination of minorities (Sikhs, Muslims and Christens) from India and converting India into a pure Hindu State “Hindustan”. The Extremists Hindu groups present in CBI and RAW are facilitating Hindu Taliban and are strongly in the opinion that either minorities living in India, should convert themselves into Hindu or just leave the region.

    It is notable here that since 1989 Indian forces and intelligence agencies have murdered more than 200,000 innocent Muslims including Kashmiris. 6300 women have been raped in various overt and covert methods of state terrorism. Sikhs nation is also being targeted since 1947. In this context, the climax have been seen off course during the operation Blue star (conducted from 4-6 June, 1984). In that, Indian security forces and its intelligence agencies found slaughtering Sikhs nation with a view to suppress their demands of Khlistan and reducing their overall population. Once the Military attacked on the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion simultaneously 38 other Sikh temples were also been embattled throughout Punjab. Over 20,000 Sikhs were murdered in these attacks. The assault in Golden Temple was without any warning. Heavy artillery, tanks, Howtziwer guns, and other mechanized weapons have been used against the innocent people.

    Dr. Manmohan Sing (A Sikh Son) is a puppet personality and is playing in the hands of extremists Hindus too. While displaying concern over Pakistani Sikhs, he had totally forgotten that on April 09, 2009, Hindu’s extremists dominated Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cleared the former Union Minister Jagdish Tytler who was openly involved in 1984’s anti-Sikh riots case. Sikhs want that the government should have taken action against EX Minister Tytler, But Indian intelligence agencies RAW and CBI have declared him neat and clean due to their biased investigations. Therefore, it has become a proven fact now that Indian intelligence agencies have become mere puppets of Hindu Extremists. In 2000, at the occasion of former US President Clinton visit Indian intelligence agencies planned riots against Sikhs in which 38 Sikhs have been killed and blamed were put on the local Muslims. But good luck to the Muslims, that Sikhs leaders came to know the actual plan and they rejected the phenomena of blaming Muslims in anti Sikhs riots. The Sikhs read the underline of the said incident and never got up against Muslims in India. The CBI Reports about Hindu’s violence of 1984 were criticized world over particularly in Sikh community. The point to be noted here that Manmohan Sing, the Indian Prime minister has never tried to console his community and looked after their interests but shown immediate worries about Sikhs residing across the border . His statement and worries are just part of RAW’S Plan of pitching Sikhs against Muslims in FATA and South Asia.

    Balbir Sing, Advocate from Ludhiana being an eye witness to the Hindu brutality and state terrorism has sent an email in response to the CBI report of clearing Congress Ex Minister Tytler is worth reading and is sufficient enough to reveal the secular picture of India. The email available on website reveals the incident of 1984 in these words,

    “Khoon Ka Badla Khoon Se Lenge” was the order of day. On the DD, all and any could easily hear these shouts, inciting (or imploring) those day’s Congress Men/Women/Babas and Babes. “Identifying Sikhs and killing them started, from AIIMS in Delhi where body of Indira was kept. By late evening of 31st, Massacre started and spread fast to all Delhi and then to other parts as well, as far as North East. Invariably, ‘modes-operandi’ was same all over the places. Sikhs; dragged out from their houses by ‘Congress Goons’, poured petrol/kerosene on them and set on fire. Burning Tires; slipped on their heads. Sikh’s shops/houses looted and then burnt. Over 3000, (some quote as high as 5000+) Sikhs killed in three days. Just have a look at who ‘all’ were in power, then.

    The President: Giani Zail Singh

    Prime Minister: Rajiv Gandhi

    Home Minister: P V Narismha Rao .

    “All Congress men thus ’secular to the core’!”

    No Punishment for ‘The Sikh Carnage1984’ To the Culprits, the Reason behind the Psyche of State Terrorism’

    The largest democratic country of the world India has population of 1,147,995,904 people which include Hindu 80.5%, Muslim 13.4%, Christian 2.3%, Sikh 1.9%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.1%. The narrated statistics show almost 19. 5 % population consists of minorities. As per survey of 2007 its 25% of population is living below poverty line. Majority of these people are from either part of minorities or belong to the lowest Hindu casts. She is overwhelmingly Hindu but officially a secular state. Muslims, Sikhs and Christian are struggling for their rights and bearing the brutality of Indian secular system since ages. In fact so called Indian secular state is having dual face and rights of the minorities are devastating ruthlessly. India has dual face and bluffing the world on the name of secularism whereas minorities are being suppressed through disreputable Hindu parties like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad .The government of India is involved in state terrorism against Christian, Muslims and Sikhs just to decrease their numbers with a view to eliminate them from India slowly and gradually. The violence of Kashmir, Gujarat, Amritsar, Orissa and Bengal are the real examples of Indian brutality. According to the Amenity International Report of May 28, 2008 more than 250,000 Sikhs have been eliminated / tortured by Indian governments since 14 years. The report further mentioned that there had been gross violations of human rights, including Nandigram, in west Bengal, Kashmir and other parts of the India. Thousand of Muslims including elders, women and children have been smashed away by Hindu extremists and the security forces all over the India since independence. In nut shell, we can say that that RAW has planned to pitch Sikhs against Muslim to fulfill her deep nefarious motives. Indian administration should know that Sikhs and Muslims are now well aware of the conspiracy against them. The Hindus rulers and their intelligence agencies overtly and covertly started implementing their malicious designs which can be translated through under mentioned Phrases:

    Chor Uchakke Chaudhary Te Gundi Run Pardhan

    or to avoid any tongue twister say like

    Chor Uchakke Congress Te RAW Pardhee Pardhan