Why is Democracy not kuffr ? or is it ?

  • sometimes when I think is Democracy a real solution ?...a strange answer comes up to me and let me share it with you guys , I always think that, the reason "democracy" was invented was due to the hopeless corruption and inability to find a "single" honest , sincere leader by people , for the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    This unique reverse and hidden realization is the cause of democracy..cause if our kings and rulers were honest and non greedy why in the world would "people" would want to take matters into their own hands!!!!!!!!

    The absence of a single honest man gave rise to the monster called "democracy".....


  • stupid thread

  • Jazak Allah for the comments...

    Mulla! :)

  • zardari in his 4 minutes speech used 10 times the word democracy and you are saying it could be kufar. lolz

  • We can't even find a single honest god in this world, so i guess its time for you to realize how far fetched your imagination of having such a man is.

    The beauty of democracy is that (over the period of time) mankind have learnt that it provides them more sense of contentedness(fulfillment) than any perfect god or man could despite its not so perfect nature!

  • Democracy helped to replace the practice and principle of

    'might is right'.

  • @Mulla

    I think the concept of democracy evolved when humans realized that we cannot rely on individual's thought. The in-built process of "decision making" forced the humanity towards Democracy.

    No human can solely bear the responsibility of failure of making wrong decisions. This fear led even most powerful and wisest man to seek advise thus birthing "Democracy".

    Choosing merely a leader is not Democracy as I reckon you think it is all about choosing a leader. I believe democracy is about making right decisions. And making right decisions does not necessarily pre-requisite traits like Honesty, nobility, angelical or loyality. To make right decisions you have to be Capable and Wise.

  • Democracy is evolved over a period of time but that does not mean that now we have got a perfect system and it could not improve further. Still there is lot of margin of improvement. Democracy is also running on might is right principle and the only difference is that instead of a single person now its a group of few people who constitutes a small percentage, enjoy every thing.

    So the authority is divided instead of a single person to a single group. Also democracy is not the only key for development, the prime example is China and UAE they are developing and there is no democracy in these countries. Also there are lot of countries in the world in which we have democracy but they are not developing.

  • @misalligned

    freedom, equality and justice are the primary targets of a democratic society, development is a by-product which can be achieved by various means and systems.

  • @misalligned

    you have brought the discussion to very facial level. It is not about which country is developing!

    It is about what is the best possible form of Government. Would you prefer a form of government in which collective wisdom is honored or you would like to live under Kingship, dictatorships or one-party rule?

    I would prefer Democracy why because even if my decision goes wrong first time around I can correct myself in the next attempt.

    But if I chose Kingship, dictatorship and bring them into power than I'll have to bring Bloody revolution to change the status-quo. I hope you got my point.

    PS: Yes, China and UAE are the few examples where they are seemingly progressing, but if that's the only criterion why did we ever bothered to kick angraiz out of India? They were much better administrators and rulers!

  • I agree that democracy is far better than dictatorship. But as i told you this system still has some flaws and until we dont know those flaws we could not evolve further.

    Still the power is accumulated in few hands and this process of evolution should carry on until its not divided uniformly. This was my point

  • History of Democracy (Per My Knowledge)


    Court of The King was the initial form of Parliament where issueswere debated infromt of the king before final decision. Though powers to decide rest with the king

    2. Initial Muslim

    Prophet Mohammad and then first four Caliph. All four Caliph ruled with the concent of the Geverned. It was transparent Justice system.

    3. MAGNA CARTA (13th Century)

    Declaration of Megan Carta started constitutional Monarchy in Europe. This kind curtialed absolute powers of the king and importance of knights increased. This documnet also discussed about basic human right. This was the first time mankind talked about human right on non-religious platform. Before Magna Carta Prophets from God including Moses, Christ, Prophet Mohammad and many other talked about human rights from religious platform.


    Birth of Modern Democracy-1876

    We still have dictatorships in many countries, but inofromation revolution will make it redundant over next two-three decades. However, oligarchy / cartel dictatorship will still exist. Example is our own country Paksitan in which elite constituting 2% of population controls all the powers wealth and decision making of the country.

  • @misalligned

    Looking for Perfection in this world and that too from humans is futile. In this world prophets have failed. Beside every time we have to make a decision there is equal chances of getting success or failure. So it is quite obvious that democracy too has flaws.

    But there does not exist any perfect system if thats what we are looking for! Democracy is much better than any other system on which you too seem to agree. And this is what we should explain to every pakistani especially the religious scholars who still call Democracy Kufar. Sufi Mohd is the product of those so scholars and he is not alone in this country who think democracy is Kufar.



    we havent tasted yet

    what actual democracy tastes like?

    we have only US recipe based Democracy.

    which tastes like a Stale MacDonald burger.

  • live with the times. be pregressive. stop being back ward.

  • Democracy is way of life, it is more than system of Government. Perfect democracy guarentee individual right as long as it deosn't interfare in the life of other individual. Democracy doesn't interfare in private life. Prophte Mohmmad's teachings are similar to democratic norms. He was very democratic in his attitude. The problem lies with the present era islamist or I would rather call them Islamo-Fascist. These Islamo-Fascist has a hidden agenda of capturing Government in the name of Islam. They call democracy Kufr because they do not even know that democratic norms are true Islam. OR they probably know, therefreo it become more dangereous because they purposefully defying democracy in the name of their version of Islam.

  • Fahim

    My dear the question is not for going back, the point is how to move forward. Dictatorship by no means should be acceptable. The problem in democracy is first its not always represent the will of all the people and secondly sometimes the will of majority is not leading you towards the right direction because some times majority is looking what you are throwing in their eyes.

  • Democracy is a process. It is a carrier not a destination.

    The civilized free World hasn't evolved for a better substitute, yet.

  • "Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth?"


    How many times word "People" arrived here?

    3 times

    Hence it is proved that,

    Democracy = PPP